There are numerous instances when you may have to borrow five grand or less and you are looking for Best Loan Rates for 5000.

A major problem with your car or even a re-roofing project, can easily cost you a few thousand. If you lose your job or have an unexpected medical bill to foot then too you may need a small loan.

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Anything less than or equal to five thousand is considered a small loan and it can be repaid over short term or long term. You can choose to pay back in three years or you may opt for five years or more. Trying to pay back in one year is not wise.

The best loan rates for 5000 would depend on where you are getting the loan from and what kind of financial profile you have. For instance, if you were to ask for a loan from friends or family then you may not have to pay any interest at all.

If you have good credit then you have the banks at your discretion but any adverse credit would do away with that option.

There are banks, credit unions, financial institutions, peer to peer lending networks and relatively expensive loans in the form of pay day and from pawnshops.

You can look for a solution on line or around the block, whichever is more convenient for you.

Best Loan Rates for 5000

Best Loan Rates for 5000

Different loan sources for 5000

Here are some of the best loan rates for 5000:

  • Personal loans from banks would typically incur an interest rate of anywhere from 12% to more than 20%. 13% to 19% is the industry average. How much you are asking for, repayment term, the financial profile including your income and credit score will eventually determine the APR or annual percentage rate that you would have to bear.
  • Do your homework, consult several loan officers, conduct some comparison on line and only then choose to apply at a certain bank. You should check if it is a fixed rate of interest or floating, ala adjustable.
  • Credit cards have the luxury of cash advances and you can take advantage of such a provision. Usually, you are looking at anywhere from 18% to 25% in annual interest. The higher end of the spectrum is the more likely rate of interest that your credit card company will charge you.
  • There are many companies and online enterprises that offer peer to peer lending. There are private financial institutions as well lending to applicants having good and bad credit. The rates of interest can range anywhere from 6% to more than 35%. Choose wisely.

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