The company Blue Letter Loans are now in liquidation, so this page offers alternative loans that are available to people that are aged 18 years or over and that are registered citizens.

Blue Letter Loan Limited was a registered finance broker like ourselves, but they are not a loan or credit lending or banking institution.

The following are questions followed by answers regarding Blue Letter Loans, although better loans are available by clicking on the links and banners on this website instead of true blue loans.

What size of Blue Letter loans did they offer?

You can borrow anything from as low as 100 cash, right up to 12,000 on a personal unsecured loan basis directly on line.

Blue Letter Loans approved for loan true blue loans
Blue Letter Loans

They also do secured home owner loans and if you are a home owner with equity in your property and are happy to secure a loan against your home, then they can increase the loan size to a maximum of 50,000.

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They state that they are a responsible broker and will only present you to responsible lenders who will only lend what you can afford to repay.

Were Blue Letter different to other loan companies?

Blue Letter Loans worked in a similar way to a comparison website.

They asked you some questions, including your financial requirements and then tried to match your details with approved loan lenders and then showed you the results.

This allowed you to choose from the lenders you had been matched with based on your requirements and each lender’s criteria.

Blue Letter Loans approved for loan true blue loans
Blue Letter Loans

What if I cannot afford to repay my loan?

If you experience difficulties in making the monthly repayments after taking out your loan, you should contact the lender directly right away, so you can discuss the payment options to help repay your loan.

If you default on your loan without getting in touch with your lender, they will try to contact you and you may also incur a fee for missing / being late on a payment.

Please remember that the lender is there to help you, but you must work with them to come up with a solution that suits you both.

Definitely no not ignore the situation!

Do they charge fees?

The short answer is No!

However, depending on the Lender you choose, they may well charge you fees, but they will have to be upfront about all their costs, fees and charges before you take out or accept the loan offer from true blue loans.

There will be no hidden fees or charges with a personal loan from this website.

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Blue Letter Loans approved for loan true blue loans
Blue Letter Loans

What Do I Do Now?

If you are in need of a new loan, you need to start a new loan application.

If you have bad credit and are not sure if you will be accepted or not or if you have already applied elsewhere and been turned down for a loan, please note that the lenders we use accept loan applications from people with all types of credit scores and credit histories.

Our loan system will try to match you with a loan lender to suit your own financial circumstances and it will also try to get you the best loan rate available today.

Hopefully the loan lender alternatives to Blue Letter Loans we have links for on this page will help you get the loan you need now.

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