When you have a bad credit history, sometimes car loan finance can be hard to get. Have a look at some suitable lenders here.

You can either buy your vehicle and arrange your car finance through the same company for a better deal or you choose the vehicle and arrange your car loan separately.

Frequently asked questions :

I would like to make an application for car loan finance – What do I need to bring?

You simply need your debit card or credit card (to pay the initial deposit) and your driving licence, as a kind of identification.

They will still do a credit search, but only to confirm you are who you say you are and are living at the address you have given in the on line loan application form.

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Car Loan Finance

Am I able to still get finance using a bad/poor credit rating?

That really doesn’t always mean you won’t be able to arrange a car financing deal with us. We work with many car loan finance lenders to locate the financing package that is appropriate for everyone.

Please do make our team aware in the event you understand you’ve got a poor credit score – it means we can get the finance option that is right for you. Talk to one of our Sales Staff for more information.

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Car Loan Finance in the UK

Car Loan Finance UK are available on this website right now. Just click on the banner to get your application started today.

Car Loan Finance UK compare over 60 different loans from 15 UK approved lenders to offer you the highest chance of getting car loan finance.

Car Loan Finance UK will also carry out a free HPI check and vehicle valuation for your peace of mind and security.

Find Car Loan Finance UK Companies

Whatever your circumstances, Car Loan Finance UK should have a deal to suit car loans 4 U.

With some car loan lenders, you are compelled to buy the car from them and only then will they provide the finance, but with Zuto you are free to choose your own vehicle from any car dealership or car outlet, without any restriction at all.

They have a panel of lenders that are happy to consider car finance applications from people with wide ranging financial histories.  So if you have had credit problems in the past, you are self employed or simply a young driver, they may still be able to help.

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Find Car Loan Finance UK

You can use the Car Loan Finance online calculator to find out details of the car loans that are available to you right now.

Plus, they do not just offer finance on cars, Car Loan Finance also can arrange finance for your motorbike, van, taxi, caravan, campervan or motorhome.

You can see why they are one of the top vehicle loan lenders in the UK and their service levels are maintained very highly.

Click on the banner now to get a new quote for no credit auto loans and remember that even if you have bad credit or a poor credit history, we have car loan finance lenders that accept new loan applications online, no matter what your credit score is.

I’m in negative equity with my present car – Can I get car loan finance?

That does not matter. We can advise you about the perfect time to modify your car – just click on the links and banners on the car loan finance pages to get started.

There you will find full details of the loans available to apply for and you will be given the exact interest rate used and the monthly repayment amounts too.

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