Applying for car loan – thinking of getting a new car? Thinking of applying for a car loan? We can help advise you of car loan companies on the market to go with.

Car loans are just for cars

As the name suggests a car loan is a loan that is used for buying a new or used car. The money you receive from the lender is the amount to purchase the car with interest on top. Since it is a car loan it can only be used to purchase a car.

Unlike a personal loan which you can use for anything a car loan on the other hand is for that specific purpose.

When applying for car loan it is worth doing your research beforehand on how much the car you are thinking of purchasing is. This means when doing a comparison of loans, you will be able to realistic see how much it is going to cost you.

Once you know how much you need to borrow you can start applying for a car loan

When applying for any other type of loan or credit the lender will run a credit check on you. As you are aware the higher your score typically the more likely you will be to be accepted for the loan.

Applying For Car Loan application form and pen

Applying For Car Loan

However, on the other hand if you have bad credit and you have a poor credit score you may find it very difficult to get accepted by some of the main providers.

By clicking on the banners on this page however you will find lenders that will lend to a range of applicants who have both poor and good credit scores.

So when you are applying for car loan and you have bad credit, reasonable credit or excellent credit scores click on the links on this page.

When applying for car loan there are certain processes and evidence you may have to provide to the lender. You will first need to provide proof of income. This is ultimately to help the lender see if you are able to realistically afford the repayments if the car loan is agreed.

You may also need to provide proof of insurance, not to the lender but as part of the process of buying the car to the car dealer. When applying for any kind of credit the lender will ask for proof of identity. This could be through your driving license or passport.

Proof of residence will be requested through bank statements or utility bills that can clarify you actually live at the address you have stated.

If going through a dealer and trading in your car you will need to hand over any documentation of the car you are trading in to ensure you are not linked to it after the sale.

If you have decided to go ahead with the purchase of the car and are applying for car loan, click on the links on this page to be taken to car loan lenders that could help you even if you have poor credit.

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