Cash Lands used to be a company who offered payday type loans, but they no longer do. However, we have some alternatives for you to consider here.

Searching for Cash Lands Loans?

We on the other hand can still offer all types of loans and loan values using this website.

We are Registered

We are registered Loan Brokers and can offer Loans, but we do NOT use Cash Lands.

We would note that on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website, they state regarding the website: and cashlands:

We believe this firm has been carrying out consumer credit activities in the UK without our permission or authorisation. Find out why to be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself from scammers.” (Financial Conduct Authority’s website)

Cash Lands

We ARE a registered Loan Broker and you can apply with confidence.

Please note that the following alternative website addresses may be connected as well:

www cashland com

www cash lands net

www cashlands uk com

www cashland co uk

We are a registered limited company, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority Interim Permission and registered with Data Protection.

You are better applying through Quick & Friendly Loans a registered company for your loan and NOT cash-lands.

We only use approved and registered Lenders that are also listed with the Financial Conduct Authority.

You can apply here online with confidence for a cash loan

If you are looking for Cash Land loans, STOP RIGHT NOW!!! They are an unauthorised loan provider and should not be operating and offering loans in the UK.

If a company, like Cash Lands, is not registered with the required bodies they are unable to trade in the UK.

This is because the relevant finance authorities are unable to control what service the company provides, leaving the applicant open to poor and unlicensed service.

This allows the companies to take advantage of vulnerable people that are desperate for cash and who will sign up with no inkling of the trouble this may cause ahead.

To stop companies like CashLands from taking advantage of people or operating at all the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) steps in.

The FCA is a financial body in the UK that has been set up to protect customers and businesses alike.

It has regulations in place to ensure the practice of companies that provide financial advice and products are operating with the best interest of the customer.

If the FCA finds that this is not being operated within the business practices the relevant steps will be taken.

Companies like CashLand give the financial industry a bad name for those companies that work hard and strive to make their business as customer focused as possible.

Companies like Quick and Friendly Loans are passionate about adhering to all FCA processes to ensure the best service for the customer and the businesses that work with them.

By applying with Quick and Friendly Loans you can be sure of receiving a personal service, that is backed by the FCA.

Be careful which websites you use to apply

So if you are looking for Cash Lands loans, STOP RIGHT NOW!!! They are an unauthorised loan provider and should not be operating and offering loans in the UK.

To check if a company is authorised by the FCA you can go on to their website

If you put the name Cash Lands in the search box on their page you will find a warning that the company is not authorised to operate in the UK.

On the other hand, if you put Quick and Friendly Loans in the search box instead you will find confirmation that we are authorised to operate and adhere to the relevant standards as required by law.

Do not take a risk getting a loan from an unauthorised company, pick a company like Quick Friendly Loans that are registered.

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