Christmas 2020 Was Hopefully A One-Off

christmas 2020 face mask on tree

So, as I write this, it is 9th December 2020 and Christmas 2020 is nearly upon us.

It has been a funny old year and that is putting it mildly! The dominating item in all our lives and one of the biggest news stories this year is of course Coronavirus/Covid-19.

The new vaccines have just started to be administered and people are hoping beyond hope that this is the lifeline that we all need.

Financial havoc has been reaped on not only thousands of individuals lives and family lives, but on businesses, high street shops and the self-employed. There is not one person in the country that has not been affected by this pandemic and there is a growing urge to move out of these restraints and restrictions and a desire to go back to normal life again.

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So What About Christmas 2020?

It is going to be smaller with less spent, but hopefully we will get to see family over the period.

There are still loan companies and credit card companies that are willing to give you credit, but perhaps you should consider if you really need to take out that new loan or not?

You would think we should be pushing you into taking out a new loan, but that is not the case. Just being with family this Christmas should be enough after all we have been through. There will be many thousands of empty chairs this year due to Covid-19, so be thankful if you have been unaffected so far.

So, have a good Christmas and let’s hope the words of the old Christmas song will be true:

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light,
Next year all our troubles will be out of sight!

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