Comprehensive Credit Rating Repair Service.

Perhaps you have been affected by the UK credit crises and through no fault of your own, you now have some bad credit items on your file.

Credit Rating Repair Companies

There is a new company on the block that have a comprehensive credit ratings repair service that will seek to remove adverse credit on your credit file that should not be there.

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Credit Rating Repair

Credit repair services

Their credit rating repair services include:

  • 30 day trial
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Help in obtaining your credit file
  • A full review of your credit file
  • Identification of errors and areas where your report can be improved
  • We negotiate directly with credit reference agencies and lenders on your behalf in order to secure amendments and corrections
  • Making complaints on your behalf to the ombudsman services to secure amendments to your credit file
  • Regular updates on progress with corrections and improvements
  • Expert Advice

This credit rating repair company are experts in file correction and are authorised to provide Credit Information Services up to and including credit repair.

They are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as are we.

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Credit Rating Repair

They provide services to help people ensure their credit file is 100% accurate

The credit rating repair company pride themselves on being a reputable and ethical credit repair company and all of their credit file experts are carefully recruited from the financial services industry.

Their file experts are experienced in dealing with financial services complaints and are known for our excellent customer service and have proven results.

Why not get more details about their credit rating repair services now

Do you have a poor credit rating? Do you continually get turned down for credit?

Are you looking to do credit rating repair after default to improve your chances of being accepted for finance?

Below is some useful information on how you can repair your score and in turn increase your chances of being accepted for the loan you need.

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Credit Rating Repair

When working on credit rating repair you need to be aware of what your file is and why it is important when trying to apply for credit.

Your file and score are what potential lenders look at to make a decision on whether to accept you for a loan.

The state of your file influences a lenders decision on whether you will be accepted for a mortgage, credit card, loan or even a mobile phone contract and so based on this it is very important you look to repair your file the best you can.

The reason for needing to carry out a repair on your credit rating may be because you have County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) against your name, made late payments on other financial commitments, or been made Bankrupt.

You should also be made aware that the more you apply for credit and get declined the more black marks appear on your file, having a detrimental effect on your score.

The information on your file such as name, address etc. can influence how a potential lender views your financial situation.

If you regularly change address or bank account or apply for borrowing the more it will effect your credit file.

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Credit Rating Repair

Below we explain steps you can adopt to help credit rating repair:

– Ensure debts are in the correct name and address.

– Check for any mistakes on your file that may need corrected.

– Register with the electoral roll at your own address.

– Do not continue applying frequently for credit if you may think you will be declined.

– Be sensible with your financial commitments, ensure you pay loans, mortgages on time and if you have a card ensure you pay it in full at the end of the month.

– Always approach your lender if you are struggling to keep up with your payments, they may be able to help you before things get out of control.

– Close any finance accounts that you do not use any more.

– If you have joint finance with someone else and you go your separate ways ensure you inform the lender.

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