Some people prefer Direct Lender Loans, so as they can deal directly with the loan lenders themselves.

We also have direct lenders for loans that advertise on this website, so as you can apply directly to them for your new loan.

Need Direct Lender Loans Only?

We also use what is called a “Ping Tree” of direct lenders, loan brokers and loan related companies when you apply through us.

This will give you a big advantage when you apply for your new loan or credit here using direct lender loans.

What is a loan Ping Tree?

When you complete the loan application form with all of your details and then click on the Submit button, your application is sent to a number of approved and registered companies to see who will approve your loan and at the best of terms.

Direct Lender Loans cash money tree in garden

If you think of a tree with the main trunk rising up to the top of the tree and then a lot of branches the whole way along the trunk from top to bottom.

So, it’s like the branches are the different loan companies, including direct lender loans, brokers loans, etc. which are the whole way down the tree.  Your new application enters the tree at the top and “visits” each branch or loan company on the way down the tree.

Each lender in turn is shown your details and each makes a decision as to whether they will accept or reject your application, depending on their criteria and your own individual circumstances.


This method means that your new loan application goes to a number of suitable lenders all at once in one application, which saves you shopping around and avoids you have numerous credit checks showing up on your credit file as well.

This system should also automatically get you the loan with the best terms possible in respect of your credit history, whether good or bad.

Why not give it a try today to see if you get your loan approved online now.  You do not have to accept any loan offer made if you do not want to, but if you do wish to proceed with a loan offer, then it is a simple process to proceed.

You will be given full loan terms and conditions, together with the exact costs and monthly repayments before you accept the new loan.

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