Direct Lenders Not Brokers are available to apply to on this website. We have Direct Lenders Not Brokers and we can introduce you to the direct lender by clicking on the link.

Searching for Direct Lenders Not Brokers?

Although we are a registered Finance Broker, once you click on the loan link, you will be taken to the direct lenders loan application page and you will be able to apply to them directly.

Once you apply, all of your dealings will be with the Direct Lender and not through us.

When you deal with this direct lender, they have a loan product that reduces the interest rate twice in the first 3 years, which you do not get anywhere else.

Have a look at their web page for further details, as it is really an easy to use website and works well on mobile phones too.

Direct Lenders Not Brokers

Direct Lenders Not Brokers

Deal direct with your loan lender and get your loan application started today!

We have access to Direct Lenders

Are you looking for a loan and you want to go to direct lenders not brokers? We have access to direct lenders that can be quick and simple to apply for by going direct rather than go through a broker.

Rebecca, from Wolverhampton, needed £5,000 to pay off some debts and to pay for a new bathroom. Rebecca did not have a great credit score and was finding it hard to be accepted for a loan. Rebecca had a few missed and late payments on her credit cards which resulted in a slightly poor credit score.

This was enough, however, to make it difficult for her to obtain a loan. Rebecca thought it best to go direct to lenders not through brokers as she thought and had been told it would be quicker.

By going direct to the lender Rebecca was able to apply on the lenders website and was able to find out instantly if she had been accepted or not, taking out the middle man, and saving some time.

So if you are like Rebecca and you are looking to apply with direct lenders not brokers because you want to get a loan quickly with as little hassle as possible then going direct to the lender may be your best option. Just click on the links on this page to not go through a broker but apply direct with a lender.

Alan, from Swansea, needed £4,000 to buy a new car. His credit rating was good but he currently was unemployed and looking for work, and the reason why he needed a car so he could look for work further a field. This meant getting a loan was proving harder than he thought.

When applying he was considering applying to direct lenders not brokers as he thought it would save him money as there would be no broker fees.

When you apply direct to lenders there will be no cost to you. The service and advice comes to you at no cost and you still get the help and loan that you need.

So if like Rebecca and Alan you are or looking to apply for a loan with direct lenders, not brokers we say click on the banners on this page to find quick and simple loans to best suit you, with no extra costs or fees to you.

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