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Direct Lenders Bad Credit Personal Loans

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Direct Lenders Bad Credit Personal Loans Only – Direct Lenders or Brokers? For people looking for loans, there is a choice of either going directly to loan Lenders or applying through an approved Loan Broker. There are advantages and disadvantages in both and we would like to outline some of these here to assist you in making your choice.

Both brokers and direct lenders conduct marketing campaigns to attract clients. Both can gather information on your financial situation in order to determine whether to lend money to you.

And both can help you better understand the lending process and clarify any legal disclosures to you.

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Looking for Direct Lenders Bad Credit Personal Loans Only?

However, there are some basic differences between brokers and direct lenders that you should be aware of.

The big advantage of using a Broker is that they will represent several lending sources as opposed to direct lenders who are a single lending source.

Brokers act as intermediaries between you and several lenders.

Direct Lenders Specialising In Bad Credit Personal Loans Only

This means a Broker can search a number of loan companies and lenders at once, using one application form, which results in a higher chance of getting the loan you want. Whereas, if you approach a Lender for a loan, they will only give advice on their product only and not on other lenders.

The choice is absolutely yours to make, but if you are happy to apply through us, just click on one of the links.

Do you need a loan? Would you rather borrow direct than going through a broker? Do you also have bad credit and finding it difficult to be accepted?

Instant Direct Lenders for Personal Loans with Bad Credit

When going direct to the lender you are receiving your loan directly from them and not going through another lender or a broker.

So if you need a loan, if you want to go straight to the lender and also have an adverse credit history, then you need to go to the application page by clicking on the loan links on this page to get started.

When you are search for personal loans with lenders direct when you have some bad credit, you are brought to the lender directly and not through a broker. The direct lender is the one that is providing you with the funds, so your details are solely with them. By going direct to a lender you are cutting out the middle man. By applying with a direct lender, the application process is usually very quick as it is not going through a third party. The application process usually only takes a few minutes to complete.

Then the lender will carry out an affordability and credit check based on the details you have supplied. When this is reviewed a decision will be sent to you on whether you have been accepted or not. If your application is accepted the lender will get in touch to confirm all details are correct before releasing the funds.

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No Fees Loan Lenders Direct

The advantages of applying directly with the lender are that you will not have to pay an upfront fee for applying for a loan. The process can be quicker than going through a broker. The direct lender will also not share your details with any third party lenders so your information is secure and safe.

However, it can be said that there are also advantages of going through a broker as they have an excellent array of lenders that they have access to. If you are in a situation where you are on benefits, on a low income or have adverse credit, they can help you find lenders that are specific to helping applicants with these requirements.

The advantage of this is you have a higher chance of being accepted as the broker will know which lenders are more likely to accept you. So when you are looking for direct lenders for bad credit personal loans only, it may in fact suit your circumstances better going through a broker to have a higher chance of being accepted for the money you need.

Hopefully this article on Direct Lenders Bad Credit Personal Loans will have helped you gain the credit you were looking for.

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