Get Rocket Cash Loans Secured on Your Car.

Rocket Cash Loans works with the largest logbook lender Logbook Loans.

They give you one of the most reliable and convenient cash loan solutions available on the market today for rocket loans.

Logbook Loans works hard at satisfying the needs of customers with fast and hassle-free loans that are customised to the borrowers’ circumstances.

Apply for Rocket Cash Loans Here.

Their goal is to protect you as a customer by guiding you through the logbook loan process and ensuring that you will be able to keep up with the repayments. You will receive a fair and competitive quote that suits your lifestyle and helps you towards financial freedom.

Fast Rocket Cash Loans.

Fast Rocket Cash Loans will help to find you a loan that is best suited to the value of your vehicle and your ability to make repayments. You can use the money for any purpose like an unexpected bill or a planned holiday. The best part is you get to keep driving your vehicle throughout the term of the loan.

Instant Rocket Cash Loans.

Our trusted lender, Logbook Loans, is a proud member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and abides by all lending regulations. This will give you the peace of mind that your interests are protected at all times.

Rocket Cash Loans

Rocket Cash Loans

Rocketcash welcomes applications from all vehicle owners including cars, motorbikes and vans. We are committed to providing a fast, reliable and trustworthy service. You might also want to consider small fast cash loans too.

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Are you in the position where you credit rating is stopping you from getting a cash loan? Do you have a car, motorcycle or van that you could use as collateral against the value of your loan? Then Rocket cash loans could be the right cash loan for you.

Rocket cash loans are working in partnership with Logbook Loans to bring customers great cash loan deals. Logbook Loans are a UK lender that offer flexible logbook offers to help those who have automobiles the chance to be accepted for the cash they need.

With Rocket cash loans and Logbook Loans instead of relying on credit scores, they carry out in-depth checks of how well a person can afford a loan.

This means that even if you have been turned down before due to having a poor credit rating with Rocket cash loans you will have a higher chance of being accepted. This is because they tailor the loan based on the applicants needs so that they can ensure the person can afford it.

To qualify for Rocket cash loans, the applicant must be aged over 18. Due to the loan being secured against an automobile the applicant must also own a vehicle where the tax is up to date, ensure the vehicle is insured and that the MOT is valid.

As you can imagine you also need to prove that you also can afford the loan you are requesting. Although your vehicle is secured against the loan, it is lenders last resort to obtain your car as payment. This is why they always provide practical and realistic lending in the first place so that they know the applicant can afford the loan.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, then you may be accepted for a loan from £400 right up to £50,000. The amount lent to you will depend on your individual circumstance and the value of your vehicle that is being secured against the loan. Once you have been agreed for a loan you can choose from paying the loan back weekly, monthly or fortnightly whichever works best for your situation.

Logbook Loans are flexible with who they lend to so even if you have been declined before because of a poor credit rating or because you are on benefits all that is important to them is that you are able to afford to make the repayments on the loan.

To apply it couldn’t be easier. Their field agents are able to come at a time and place that suits you to check your car and assess your affordability.

If all is correct and the agent is confident you are able to afford the loan you will receive your cheque there and then or within at least 24 hours after being accepted.

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