Citrus Loans

Citrus Loans – are you looking for a loan? Are you finding it difficult to get accepted? Citrus loans may just be the place to go.

Citrus Loans are a broker and have helped thousands of customers find the best loan deal that suits their circumstances.

No matter what your situation or what condition your credit rating is in Citrus Loans may be able to help find you the best loan.

Although they are a broker the company will only receive a commission if you decide to go ahead with one of the companies deals they find you.

This will cost you absolutely nothing extra and you will still receive the most competitive deal. Instead, their commission payment comes from the company themselves.

Citrus Loans fruit

Citrus Loans

Citrus Loans can offer applicant’s unsecured loans up to the value of 25,000 delivered from a wide range of lenders. The borrowing period can be between 1-5 years and so gives the applicant the choice of what time scale best suits their circumstance.

How much you are able to borrow will depend on your individual circumstance. Your current situation will be taken in to account, i.e. employment and earnings, housing status and the number of dependants the applicant has.

The applicant’s credit score will also be taken in to account when deciding on how much they are able to borrow.

To a lender a person’s credit score is crucial in deciding whether they will lend to them or not. Your credit score provides a representation of what a person is like at handling their money.

If a person’s score is low then they may have several late or missed payments on other financial commitments, have County Court Judgments (CCJs), in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or been made Bankrupt.

Even if someone has a poor credit score Citrus Loans may still be able to help. Due to their vast panel of lenders and knowledge of the market they have access to lenders that can help. The only requirements to qualify is to be aged 18 and over and to be a UK resident.

The application process is very simple and could be completed online or by phoning the company themselves. Once all the required information is received they will process it and provide you with an instant decision.

On a rare occasion if they require more information or clarification they will get in contact with you. The quickest you could receive the money once approved is four hours.

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