Hamleys Toy Shop London

Anytime is always a good time to visit Hamleys Toy Shop London on Regent Street.

You might be asking yourself, what on earth has Hamleys got to do with finance? Well not a lot really I suppose in one way.

Ever Been To Hamleys Toy Shop London?

However, Hamleys toy shop London on Regent Street is very close by our registered offices in Regent Street as well, so there is a connection after all!

Hamleys toy shop regent street london

Christmas at Hamleys

It’s approaching that time of the year again and Hamleys have issued their events each day coming up to Christmas:


If you are in London it would be a treat for anyone of any age to call in and have a browse around.

Perhaps if you see anything very expensive, you might come to us for the finance to buy it!

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