Fast Friendly Loans specialise in Fast Cash Payday Loans and Installment Loans. Sometimes it is hard to find a friendly loan lender these days.

The finance industry has suffered severe trust problems due to the recent great recession and needs to build a lot of bridges.

At Quick & Friendly Loans, we only use fast and friendly Lenders that are fully registered and approved. So, for fast and friendly loans, please have a look through our website now and see how we can get the finance you need and the finance you deserve.

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Fast Friendly Loans Responsible Lending

Besides our finest lending practices that are outlined below we’ve procedures and controls in position to ensure that our customers never borrow more than they are able to afford to pay back. This all helps to develop a better credit rating.

Fast Friendly Loans

Honest and Transparent

What you see is what you pay with Fast Friendly Loans. We’ll figure out the price of the loan including each repayments upfront.

We’ve got no hidden charges and we usually do not believe in extension fees Admin fees or late payment fees. You only cover the days you borrow.

Total Flexibility

At Fast Friendly Loans available, all you need to do is select the amount you’d like to borrow, how long you would like to borrow for and how many repayments you would like to make in that point.

You may also elect to repay your loan early and you may only be charged interest for the days you’ve borrowed. Now that is overall flexibility.


Fast Friendly Loans available have seen how many payday advance businesses trap their customers by having them commit to big one off payments at the conclusion of the month. Not so here.

Personal Touch

At Fast Friendly Loans we understand that everybody has their own private group of conditions and do not believe you are simply a number.

We promise you will always have someone to contact about any uncertainty or problems you may face.


We understand from time to time changing your ability to handle invoices and refund credit arrangements that your conditions can change out of the blue.

Your loan brokers will work with you to help resolve any financial problems if this is the case.

At Fast Friendly Loans, we’re proud of the bonds many of our clients and loan agents have formed as an outcome of working together to resolve fiscal hardship.

We will work with you and give you every chance to settle your loan in a fashion that is sustainable to the changes in your circumstances.


Although all loan applications and individual circumstances are considered, we’ve put in place screening procedures to evaluate all customers’ creditworthiness.

These will comprise using credit reference agencies where required.

Fast Loans

We will get the money to you as quickly as possible, once all the relevant checks are carried out.

We have designed the borrowing process at Fast Friendly Loans available to be hassle free and as quick as possible, so we won’t keep you waiting.

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