Why Use Friendly Finance for friendly financial loans? When in search of a loan, most people go directly to the lender to see if they qualify. For some people, this takes a few days to a few weeks. Others don’t have such luck.

Soon to be borrowers with limited or poor credit might not have the qualifications to directly look for a lender, even if they do manage to find a few.

If you’re looking for a loan, you don’t have to keep looking. Why not have someone more qualified help you search for an appropriate lender?

Friendly Finance is a loan finding service that has dedicated our time to helping match people with all types of loan lenders. We match people to lenders who will accept their financial qualifications and approve a loan.

So if you’re searching for a loan, allow us to help you finally land a lender who can give you the loan you need.

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Friendly Finance

Why Use Friendly Finance?

Start working with Friendly Finance by using our secure online form to apply. By filling out our simple, yet detailed form, we should hopefully be able to match you to an appropriate lender in little time.

Our sign-up form contains enough information fields to help you successfully detail your financial and personal details for lenders. We also ensure that your personal data will be handled with significant care and security, while we work with lenders who may request your data.

After you apply, Friendly Finance takes time to match you with an appropriate lender. We place your application through our Pingtree search technology system.

This system allows brokers like us to ‘meet’ with lenders who also use Pingtree, enabling us to share your financial details with them. If we’re not able to secure a lender, we’ll seek out other lenders via Pingtree until we’re able to match you with one.

If you’re approved, we’ll redirect you to your new lender. In most cases, customers who successfully meet their lender’s criteria are able to receive loans in as little as 48 hours or less. The time frame from finding a loan to being approved for one usually varies between lenders.

If you don’t get approved for any lenders, we can work with you to ensure you’ll be able to qualify in the future. We can direct you to money advice and debt resolution services to help you improve your financial record.

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As one of the leading loan broker services Friendly Finance works to ensure people like you find obtainable loans at no additional cost. Click on the loan links today to get started.