With Amigo Loan Guarantor Loans, no longer will you be refused an unsecured loan just because you fail to get the right credit score!

Guarantor Loans Lenders don’t believe that your credit history should determine your credit future. Sometimes people incorrectly refer to Amigo Loans as Omega Loans too.

Amigo Loan Guarantor Loans available for applying online

Amigo Loan Guarantor Loans mean there’s no need to check credit files and conduct credit scores. What you do is seek the help of your social network.

If you can get someone you know well (e.g. parent, other family member, close personal friend or co-worker, etc) to support your application, then it’s almost certain you can get an Amigo Loan Guarantor Loans.

This person is called your loan’s guarantor. They are only likely to help you if they know you well and if they trust you to repay your loan. If they trust you, then so will the guarantor lenders and hence no need for credit checking or scoring.

amigo loan guarantor loans uk

Who can apply for a Guarantor Loan?

Anyone can apply for an Amigo Loan Guarantor Loans, you just need to provide a suitable guarantor.

Amigo take new loan guarantor loans applications from people who would be turned down by traditional lenders, e.g. self employed, people on benefits, private or council tenants, and anyone with CCJ’s, defaults or other credit problems.

They work with a select group of lenders who are able to say “Yes” where others say “No”.

Your guarantor does NOT have to be a home owner and can be a friend or family member.

What is the Application Process?

  • Complete and submit the inquiry form
  • Receive an immediate in principle lending decision
  • Complete the loan documentation with Amigo:
  • Complete your application using E-signatures

How Quickly Can I Get My Cash?

It is still possible for you to get your loan paid out within 24 hours of your application being accepted by Amigo.

If you have your guarantor already lined up, the whole process can be extremely quick.

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