How To Pay Your Bills If You Are Sick And Off Work

Find Out How To Pay Your Bills If You Are Sick

How to pay your bills if you are sick is something that crosses most people’s minds, but most do nothing about it.

It is worth at least spending a few moments listing down your critical outgoings, like your mortgage or rental payments, council tax, loans, car payments, credit cards and even food and clothing, etc.

You are able to have all of these items because you have an income coming in every month.


What if the unthinkable happens and your income stops due to illness, injury or redundancy?

We are not trying to scare you, but these things do happen to people.

How To Pay Your Bills If You Are Sick
We don’t mean to scare you BUT How To Pay Your Bills If You Are Sick?

There is a company called Cover My Salary who will start paying your bills should any of these things happen to you.

Why not get a no obligation quote just to see how much it would cost to keep you covered, even if you don’t go ahead with it at the moment.

At least you will have gone a step further to see if this cover is affordable for you. You can be employed, self-employed or a contract worker to qualify.

It would be real peace of mind to have this cover in place, especially at a time when no-one knows if their job is safe or not.