Getting Installment Loans Credit Checks here on this website today. Installment loans are a great alternative to Payday Loans, as you can repay your loan over longer periods.

Find Installment Loans Credit Checks Today

With Payday Loans you had to repay the full loan amount on your next pay day and the payday loan company used your card details linked to your bank current account to debit the money using the continuous payment authority card payment method to get paid.

If the funds were not available in full in your bank account on the day the loan company comes in to get it, it caused all kinds of problems including extra charges, fees and interest.

With installment loans you can spread the repayments over a number of months, which makes the monthly payments easier to make and does away with additional fees and charges.

You can apply for an installment loan by clicking on the banners and links on this page to get started. The loan company will carry out a credit check, but the lenders we use will allow you some bad credit history.

Your details will be shown to a number of different approved loan lenders to see if you fit their criteria, which gives you an increased chance of getting approved for a new loan, but you will not have multiple credit checks on your credit record.

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Installment Loans Credit Checks

You may have many questions about installment loans and with who to borrow. In the UK there is a high rate of borrowing. If you are one of the thousands of individuals in the UK looking for an installment loan we hope to direct you to the right companies to best suit your needs and circumstances.

You may also have questions about installment loans credit checks and whether they are carried out. We hope to answer some of those questions you may have throughout this article.

What are installment loans?

An installment loan is an unsecured loan that is not secured against anything like a car or a home.

Unlike a payday loan you are given more time to pay the loan back and will be offered an agreed number of installments to be able to pay off the loan.

With the companies that we work closely with, when applying the installment loans credit checks will be lenient and so are ideal for those that may not have a perfect credit score.

How does an installment loan work?

When repaying back the loan there will be an agreed number of installments to pay off the money lent. The installment terms can be from 12-60 months, depending on how much you are borrowing.

Typically, the interest rate on the loan is fixed throughout the duration of the loan. When it comes to the application stage the companies we work with their installment loans credit checks are still carried out, however, they will still welcome applicants with less than perfect credit scores.

What can you use the money from the installment loan for?

The money you are accepted for can be used in any way you deem fit. This could be to consolidate debts, to pay for a car, or make home improvements.

Unlike a specific car loan or a home improvement loan you are not limited to what you can use an installment loan for.

With the companies that we have access to when applying for installment loans credit checks will be carried out, but even if you have adverse credit, they hope to still be able to help find you the right loan.

What is required when applying for an installment loan?

The application process is very simple. The application form requires information on your personal circumstances, and your employment details.

Once this form is completed the lender will review it and assess your credit profile. If approved, once you confirm you agree to the companies’ conditions the lender will release the money to you.

What do I do now to find the best installment loan?

The best thing you can do is to click on the banners on this page. You will be taken to great providers that offer a range of credit options, as well as different borrowing terms.

With the loan companies we recommend, installment loans credit checks are more lenient and so even those with bad credit are welcome to apply.

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