Installment Loans Poor Credit Direct Lenders UK – it is a fact that low credit scores hugely affect the result of a loan application.

This is why most people who have problems with their previous loans and credits shy away from getting direct loans.

Looking for Installment Loans Poor Credit Direct Lenders UK?

That is in the past, though. These days, more and more types of loans are being offered by financing firms with less and less credit requirements. One of these is the installment loans poor credit direct lenders UK.

These loans will allow anyone to apply for a loan without worrying about their credit scores and any other financial requirements.

One of the brokers that offer this type of loan is ourselves, Quick & Friendly Loans. Here, anyone can easily get up to 2,000 on the same day, 25,000 maximum personal loans, as well as 7,500 on guarantor loans.

Aside from these, the provider is also offering rebuilding loans in case some people need financial help with their credit cards. Car finance loans are also available for an installment basis.

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Installment Loans Poor Credit Direct Lenders UK

Quick & Friendly Loans offer the most reliable and speedy loans. There are no fees, no hidden or additional fees whatsoever. All an applicant needs to do is hook on the internet and log on to our website.

The application is done completely online and the approval is fast. Once approved, the loan amount will be sent through to the bank account you have made available for the provider.

Direct lenders installment loans

Installment loans might look like a perfect solution, if you need to borrow immediately and repay over several months. But you need to be careful of rates of interest and fees on these longer term payday type loans.

Installment loans are a combination between payday loans and personal loans, providing you with the opportunity to borrow money quickly and repay it over a longer time frame than ordinarily possible with cash advance loans.

Installment loans are short-term loans that last for normally between 3-12 months. You repay the loan in monthly installments, rather than clearing it with one payment like a payday advance.

You can usually borrow anywhere up to 25,000 depending on your personal situation, credit history and income.

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