Have you been turned down for a loan and now asking yourself, is it easier to get a joint loan?

The answer is yes; it typically is easier.

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A joint loan is credit that is offered to more than one borrower.

Joint loans are a great option when applying for secured loans, unsecured loans or bank accounts with overdraft facilities.

Sharing the cost of a Joint Loan

It is easier to get a joint loan as you are sharing the cost and responsibility of the borrowings with a partner, friend or family member.

With a joint loan it has a higher acceptance rate than a sole or single loan as the lender acknowledges it as a more affordable option for most people, even for those that may have bad credit.

Like that of a guarantor loan, with a joint loan, the lender recognises that if one applicant does not pay up the other applicants named on the joint loan can step up and pay the debt.

Due to this it is easier to get a joint loan as lenders are more likely of accepting applicants.

The big advantage of a joint loan over a guarantor loan is that it should be a cheaper interest rate and you do not have to go through the formality of getting a guarantor signed up.

Watch that credit rating!

This is very much true if all applicants for the joint loan has good credit. The likelihood of being accepted then is high.

In the event that one applicant has an excellent credit history and the other applicant has a bad credit score, the lender will look to the applicant with the excellent credit score and is likely to agree the loan.

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Is It Easier to Get a Joint Loan?

When all applicants have bad credit, then the chances of being accepted greatly reduce, especially when applying with the mainstream lenders.

However, when applying through us we have access to lenders that specialise and have experience in helping applicants with bad credit and it can still be easier to get a joint loan than that of a sole loan application.

So, is it easier to get a joint loan?

With the wide range of lenders and loan options we have access to you can be sure to find it easier to get a joint loan deal that best meet your needs.

At no time are you under any obligation to complete the loan application if you are not completely happy with its terms.

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Is It Easier to Get a Joint Loan?

By applying with us you will have access to the best joint loans lenders that you would unable to access yourself and so we will be able to find you the best possible deal on the market to suit your circumstances.

Just click on the links on this page to access such lenders and complete the simple application form and be on the way to getting the loan you need.

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