Loan Sharks Lending Money How Far Will They Go?

Loan Sharks Lending Money How Far Will They Go? – There is an interesting article on the BBC News website today and there seems to be no boundaries on what loan sharks will do to get lending money to vulnerable people.

Unscrupulous Loan Sharks Lending Money

According to the article, loan sharks are waiting outside school gates handing out their cards to take home to their parents, suggesting they buy them new trainers, etc.

It also reports that Illegal money lenders have also stationed themselves outside food banks or post offices to wait for pensioners to tempt them with borrowing money they cannot afford to pay back.

There are some true stories in the article and you need to take this matter seriously, in case you end up in a financial predicament yourself.

Do NOT Use Loan Sharks!

There are always alternatives to what might seem an insurmountable financial situation and there are agencies that can help you get your finances back in control, without having to go anywhere near these predators.

Try some of these organisations that are completely free of charge to use:

Money Advice Service

Citizens Advice

Just click on these links and go to the section that is most suitable to you. You can contact them to discuss your situation and circumstances in total privacy and they will seek to come up with a suitable solution for you.

loan sharks lending money
Loan Sharks Lending Money How Far Will They Go?

Do Not Keep Borrowing Unnecessarily

With Christmas being very close now, many people feel they have to borrow to help make their Christmas Day more enjoyable for them and their families.

It is crazy to borrow money when you really cannot afford to pay it back again, so think wisely, especially before you get caught up in the traditional Christmas and New Year spending spree.