Are you in Dire Need of Money? Sometimes when you reach a critical financial point like this, you need to just sit down and take stock of exactly what your circumstances are, what you think you need to solve these circumstances and then look to see what is out there that might solve your problem.

In Dire Need of Money and Need Help Now?

We do not know your specific financial problem or emergency, so we will cover some products we can offer which hopefully will help you. We will list them alphabetically to assist you.

Debt Help

If you are in dire need of money to get you out of debt, then instead of borrowing more and more money in loans, we would suggest that you contact this debt help company for a free no obligation chat about your circumstances.

They are registered and fully qualified to give you free advice and it might be the best chat you have had for some time!

Fast Cash Loans

If you have a cash emergency and need to get urgent fast cash as soon as possible, you could apply for our fast cash loans up to £2,000 and can spread the repayments over 3 to 18 months.

in dire need of money man needing a beer

Dire Need of Money

Guarantor Loans

If you have really bad credit and cannot get a loan or have been turned down for loans, then you might want to consider Guarantor Loans.

The direct lender we use does not take into account your bad credit history, but uses your guarantor’s credentials instead.

The guarantor does not have to be a homeowner and can be a member of your family or a friend.

Property in Negative Equity

Property in negative equity has affected a lot of property owners and up to now, many people have taken the course of bankruptcy to get out of the negative equity.

We can refer you to a company that can negotiate with your mortgage company or bank to get you out of the negative equity at a much reduced deal.  Contact us for details.

Secured Homeowner Loans

If you are a property owner and need a secured loan even if you have some bad credit, you can apply online and get a quotation without going through a credit check.


We hope some of the above products will help with your dire need of money and you should act swiftly to try to resolve your outstanding problems.

Find out more about when you are on the lookout for loans.

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