Further help on how can I get a personal loan with bad credit here – the two most common sources of loans are family or friends and banks.

Family and friends will possibly entertain your loan request at all times, provided they can afford it and if they find your purpose or requirement fair. They would not look at your credit score.

Find Out How Can I Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

But even with social contacts and relatives, they would take into consideration your history of borrowing and if you had repaid them for any past loans that you may have had.

In a way then, even the people you know will look at your credit history, albeit a different one from what banks would consider.

Banks or traditional financial institutions would never entertain anyone with adverse credit. If a certain loan needs 750 as the minimum credit score then you cannot apply for the loan even if you have 735.

Traditional institutions have a stringent approach and that is unlikely to change in the near or distant future.

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How Can I Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

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Fortunately, there are many ways you can get a personal loan with bad credit. Here are your options:

Check with your employer and look for a cash advance. Many people don’t consider this but if you have worked at a company for a while and you are willing to work for sometime in the future, then there is no reason why you should not use this to your advantage.

Most companies have a practice of issuing fast cash advances and that can be at very little to no interest. You can consult your local credit union or any association that is known to help people with various credit types.

From employees’ forum to communities of various kinds, there are lines of credit available for employed and unemployed people with bad credit. Obviously, the latter scenario would be eligible for very small loans. You can try out a peer to peer lending network.

There are many companies operating today that bring together borrowers and lenders. You may have one person satiating the entire loan requirement or you may need more lenders but you can get one or more through such peer to peer lending networks.

Also, there are many companies that offer unsecured and secured loans to people with bad credit types. They may or may not need proof of income if you are providing some collateral

Do not forget the Payday option!

Payday loan is another simple way to borrow some money. As long as you have a proof of income and you are not looking at a huge personal loan, you can get it through payday loans regardless of your credit score.