Are You Asking, I Have Bad Credit and Need a Loan Please Help?

I Have Bad Credit and Need a Loan Please Help is a phrase that we hear all the time.

It is a lot harder now to get access to credit and loans in the UK, so you need to do some digging around to not only get a loan, but get a loan at the best interest rate possible.

Loans with bad credit

The difficulty is increased if you have a bad credit history, but there are still some UK Lenders that are willing to lend to people that have had credit problems in the past.

We have tried to group together some companies and lenders that will assist you in getting the loan you need.

If you have good credit, average credit or bad credit, hopefully these companies will be able to assist you in getting the loan you need now.

If you make application to the loan companies on this page and website, you will find out very quickly if you have been accepted and also exactly what terms and the interest rate you have been accepted on too.

I Have Bad Credit and Need a Loan Please Help

I Have Bad Credit and Need a Loan Please Help

We must point out that a credit check will be carried out by the prospective lender, as they need to know exactly who they are dealing with and who they are lending the money to.

Consider a Guarantor Loan

If all else fails, there are also guarantor loans available which are approved not on your credit history, but on the credit history of the guarantor you provide.

It used to be that the loan guarantors had to be home-owners only, but this is no longer the case, as you can use family members, friends and just anyone who knows you and trusts you to repay the loan you want to take out.

So, you can see there are a number of options open to you by using this website and please feel free to have a look and explore all of our products.

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