You can see Pounds to Pocket Bad Credit Loans all over the TV at the moment and they must spend thousands of pounds on advertising every month.

Get Pounds to Pocket Bad Credit Loans Today

Quick & Friendly Loans do not spend 1000’s of pounds on TV advertising, but we like to promote all of our loans and credit products on line instead.

With Pounds to Pocket bad credit loans, the maximum bad credit loan amount is 2,000 and the maximum repayment term is only 1 year.

As you can see from the banners and links on this page, we can offer much higher loan values and longer repayment terms too.

Watch the APR!

Pounds to Pocket Bad Credit Loans have a current representative APR of 278%, which is certainly not the highest in the marketplace, but you can see that we have loans with much lower APR’s.

You pay your money and take your choice as they say, but we recommend applying for the loan with the lowest APR possible, in order to keep your repayment costs right down to the absolute minimum.

If you apply using the loan companies shown on this page, you will get your cash at the same speed as Pounds to Pocket Bad Credit Loans, so it definitely does pay to shop around these days.

Pounds to Pocket Bad Credit Loans

Pounds to Pocket Bad Credit Loans

We have seen representative APR’s in excess of 3000%, so be very careful who you apply through to get your new loan.

We are subject to the Financial Conduct Authority and so are all of the lenders we use on this website.  This will bring some peace of mind for you when applying.

Although the Pounds to Pocket adverts on TV can be really annoying, they do provide a good, regulated fast loans service and if you are in need of a cash loan at the moment, you could apply to them directly to get a loan decision on line today.

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