Loans Without Fees can be obtained on this website today – Click on a loan link to go to the loan application page.

We are pleased to be able to say that we have never, ever charged our customers any fees for arranging or getting our loans and services in the past.

We can also categorically say that we will never, ever charge our clients any fees in the future either.

This means we can get you Loans Without Fees at all!

Our view is that we get a small commission from the Lenders if we are able to get you a suitable loan that you take out.  We think it would be greedy to then charge you an extra loan fee on top of this commission as well, although some other brokers actually do this.

So, you know that if you apply for a loan, then Quick & Friendly Loans will NOT charge you a fee, ever!

Loans Without Fees

Loans Without Fees

Getting loans without fees being charged can be a problem on the internet as you surf through the different websites and loan deals that are around.

You need to be vigilant when applying for a loan on the web and make sure there are no hidden fees that may be charged later.

Be careful – do not pay any fees!

Be careful when a loans website requests your debit or credit card details online and be sure that they are only requesting these for identification and not for charging you a fee as well.

Some unscrupulous companies could use your debt card or credit card details to charge you fees for arranging a loan, whether you get a loan or not.

Other companies might use your card details for charging you more than one transaction fee and perhaps a monthly fee until they get you a loan, which is called continuous card recurring authority.

Please be advised that if they have done this already on you, contact your card issuer or bank urgently to get the payments stopped immediately.  Then contact the company for a full refund if they have not fulfilled their part of the agreement.

This is the website to use for applying for loans without fees and not get any nasty surprises.

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