Purple payday loans with bad credit – Jill had a bill out of the blue last month. She received a statement for an outstanding hospital bill that occurred 6 months earlier. The bill was a lot more than what Jill could afford. She only had a month to pay otherwise she would be hit with a fine.

Jill knew she would be able to pay it back within two months but this would be too late. Her only option was to apply for a loan to be in the position to pay for it.

Jill had bad credit due to missing several car loan and credit card payments in the past and so her options for credit were slim. Jill’s best option was applying to Purple payday loans with bad credit.

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Terry had a huge bill from the mechanics after his car broke down. The turbo in his car failed and it needed a brand new one. Terry uses his car to take his kids back and forth to school and to drive in and out to work.

Terry didn’t have enough extra cash to pay the mechanics bill this month on top of his other bills that he had already paid out. Terry’s credit profile wasn’t great, due to problems he had in the past when he was made redundant. Due to this he thought he would struggle getting accepted for a loan. Terry’s best option was applying to Purple payday loans with bad credit.

Are you like Jill and Terry? Do you have a bill that has cropped up and you are unable to pay until next pay day? Is your credit profile not in great shape and you have bad credit?

Is it a small loan you just need for a short period of time to get back on top of everything again? Your best option is to apply for Purple payday loans with bad credit.

Get a payday loan today even with bad credit

Purple payday loans UK are an excellent option if you need short term lending for an unexpected bill. You may not be able to afford to pay it this month, but you may be in the position to repay next pay day.

The key requirements for Purple payday loans is that you have employment, have a valid bank account and be at least 18 years of age.

No matter what the reason is that you require money fast or why you have a bad credit score, Purple payday loans with bad credit will try to help you deal with all those unexpected situations that you can not afford until next pay day.

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