Payday Lenders – although there are less payday loan lenders in the UK now since the Financial Conduct Authority introduced restrictions on interest and fees that can be charged, you can still find approved payday lenders here.

The new regulations have got rid of the “cowboy” type payday loan lenders that were just ripping people off with excessive interest, compound interest and various fees they charged.

Now, direct payday lenders are restricted in the amount of interest they can charge, together with the fees payable and there is none of the multi rollover of balances that caused so much grief and hardship.

All Payday Lenders Used Are Approved

So when you apply for a new payday loan using the links and banners on this website, you know you are dealing with reputable lenders that are all registered and approved.

This means that they are constantly monitored to ensure they are sticking to the rules for payday lending and they are not trying to rip people off in extra fees and charges.

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Payday Lenders

Peace of mind payday loans lenders

It also means that should something go wrong when you are applying for your new loan or throughout the repayment period, you can report the problem to the FCA and they are legally bound to investigate the matter free of charge for you.

If the lender concerned is in the wrong, they will be corrected and made to make good any wrong doing on their part and “make you whole” again. If the matter was serious, then they might even be fined or their credit licence revoked.

This protection is invaluable to have and gives you peace of mind too. It is very rarely now that things go wrong with new loans taken out, but you know if they do, you have full recourse and a government body behind you to sort things out.

Why not have a look now and see what kind of deal you can get here today from payday lenders, as the sooner you apply, the sooner your loan funds could be in your bank account.

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