We have the answers to some of the questions you may have about direct payday lenders.

With this information you will be in a great position to decide if this suits your circumstances best.

How much can you borrow from direct payday lenders?

Loans can be for up to 1000 and once agreed can be paid directly into your agreed bank account.

Some lenders will even go to 2,000, but normally if you have been with them before or you have a good credit score.

Direct Payday Lenders man shovelling money coins

Direct Payday Lenders

Who will I be receiving the money from?

Direct payday loans are different to typical payday loans as when you apply for a loan, the money is funded directly from the direct payday lender and not through another lender or searched for by a broker.

How do I apply to direct payday lenders?

All applications for payday loans for direct lenders are through the lenders own website and is usually a quick and simple form to complete.

By applying for payday loans through direct lenders it makes the application process a lot quicker as it can be approved fast.

Will my details be safe and secure?

Direct payday lenders are the ones that are providing you with the funds, so your details are solely with them. Unlike other payday loan applications that are filled in with a broker who then sends your details on to other payday lenders.

By using direct payday lenders you save on broker fees.

What is the application process for applying to direct payday lenders?

By applying for payday loans direct with lenders, the application process is usually very quick as it isn’t sent to a third party.

The process only takes a few minutes to complete the application form. Then usually the direct payday lender do affordability and credit checks.

When this is reviewed, a decision will be sent to you on whether you have been accepted or not. If your application for a payday loan is accepted the lender will get in touch to ensure all details are correct before releasing the funds.

What is the criteria for applying to a direct payday lenders?

To apply for payday loans through direct lenders, you need to be 18 years old and over, be a UK resident and be employed.

If you meet the above criteria, checks will then be carried out and you just need to wait and see if you are accepted.

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