If your looking for a great pay day loan, look no further. We have access to safe and reliable lenders that are there to help you find the best pay day loan for your personal circumstances, even if you have all credit types.

Some lenders believe that the most important thing is what your credit profile says about you. Our lenders believe that everyone should get a helping hand and a persons credit profile is only part of that.

There are many pay day loan lenders that were established to help those that have been refused elsewhere. Their goal is to give those individuals a chance and to try and help them out of a bad situation.

Pay day loan customer review

Cheryl from Shropshire required funds to pay for the leak in her home. She did not have house insurance so needed to fix the repair herself. It was in the middle of winter and she needed the repair fixed as soon as possible.

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Pay Day Loan

The builder came out to give her an estimate to fix it, only to tell her that it would cost £450 to fix the damage. Cheryl did not have the money to fund it, especially so close to Christmas. Due to this she needed to borrow the money.

Cheryl approached family and friends, but due to the time of year they were unable to help her. Cheryl was worried that on top of the urgency of the repairs her credit score was less than perfect.

Cheryl found a pay day loan that she could afford to pay back and after filling out the application form and once accepted, Cheryl received the money in her bank account almost instantly. Christmas was saved and Cheryl was able to have everyone round, minus the leak.

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If like Cheryl you are in the position were you have an urgent need of funding and you have a all credit types rating, there may be a pay day loan available to help you.

You can use the pay day loan for anything that you require and can decide on the amount you need over the required term you need it for.

The great thing about pay day loans are if accepted you will receive the money quickly and repayments are affordable.

All fees and charges are displayed before agreeing to the loan, so there are no surprises later on.

Also, pay day loans are overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority so you can guarantee professionalism from the lender.

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