Purple Loans – what are Pay Day Loans?

These are loans that are usually a small value of money loans and they are usually lent at quite high rates of interest.

Payday loans are borrowed over a short period of time and ideally are repaid when the borrower receives their next pay check.

How can a Purple Loans help you?

With Purple Loans you are able to apply for unsecured loans for small amounts between 100 to 1000. Purple loans are ideal to use for short term borrowing and used between pay days to help fund unexpected bills.

The cost of borrowing from Purple Loans depends on your personal circumstances, your credit profile and your employment status. No matter how much it will cost you, all costs, rates and fees will be illustrated clearly before you accept the loan so there will no surprises later on.

This means even by applying for Purple Loans you are under no obligation to go ahead with the loan.

The great thing about Purple Loans is that no matter what your credit profile you could be accepted. You could have a history of having late payments on credit cards and loans or even on your mortgage or rent.

These can all have a detrimental effect on your credit history. However regardless of this Purple Payday Loans could still accept you for a loan.

You can apply online for Purple Payday Loans

The process of getting Purple Payday Loans UK couldn’t be easier. It will take only a few minutes to apply and all you need is some personal and employment information and details of the account you wish the money to be put in to and the payments to come out of. If you are accepted, the money will be transferred nearly instantly into your bank account.

There are only three main requirements to be illegible for Purple Payday Loans. These are that you are at least 18 years old, you have a job and you have a bank account for the money to be paid into and the payments to come out of.

If all the above relates to you and suits your circumstances, then Purple Loans may be the right option for you to choose if you have an unexpected bill crop up.

Please click on the links and banners on this page to be taken instantly to Purple Day Loans to find out how they can help you or go to the application page.

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