Good News: 12 Month Payday Loans are now available here.

Longer Payday Loan repayment terms

Now you can get the same cash loan amounts as payday loans, but you are able to pay them back over more months.

These types of loans will get you out of that horrible trap of the roll-over effect, which caused a lot of financial problems for people in the past with the older type payday loan.

With payday loans, you had to repay the loan in full on your next pay day and if you didn’t, the payday loan company rolled the loan over for another month.

This might have sound helpful of the payday loans company to do this, but what was really happening was people were being charged compound interest, which is interest on top of interest, plus they then had the cheek to add on default fees on top!

12 Month Payday Loans girl holding cash in front of face

12 Month Payday Loans

Now you can get 12 month payday loans

Now, if you apply on this website for 12 month payday loans, then you will know exactly what you will be repaying each month and there will be no roll-overs or default fees, providing you keep up your payments each month.

You will know from the outset how much your monthly loan payments will be and this will help you budget for the term of the loan.

All of the Lenders we use allow you to spread your loan over longer periods than payday loans and even allow you up to 18 months to repay a 1000 pound loan.

Have a look at the loans we can provide and see if there is one to suit your needs.

If you don’t like the sound of “Payday”, as it has got a bit of a reputation in the past, we also advertise Personal Unsecured Loans, along with other alternatives too.

Just click on the page links or banners to get more information on a product that may be of interest or have a look at loan shark and 1000 pound loans today.