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Applying with Payday Express Loans. We will let you know you if you have been approved as quickly as we can, once we have carried out our checks.

If you have been approved and wish to proceed, you need to fill out the rest of your details so that we can complete the transaction.

You will be shown pre-contractual information, which you should read and consider. This gives you important information about your proposed loan before you proceed.

You will be shown your loan agreement online and you need to read and fully understand the terms and conditions displayed there.

Payday Express

Sign your loan agreement if you are happy to proceed to borrow from PaydayExpress.

How much money can I borrow?

Subject to status and affordability:

  • Customers who qualify can borrow between 100 – 1,000
  • Payday Express charges a daily interest rate of 0.80% per £100 borrowed, which means you will only pay 80p per day for each £100 borrowed.

If you require a loan for more than 1,000 then you could visit our main loans application page or look at Fast Cash Loans Today and Purple Payday Loans UK.

With a Payday Express loan, you are able to borrow from £100 to £2,000. The loan can be repaid over 1 to 12 months. So if you are need of a short term loan then a Payday Express loan may be the right thing one for you.

To qualify for a Payday Express loan, you must be aged 18 and over when making your application. You must also be a UK resident and be in permanent employment or receiving benefit or living allowance in the UK. Your income must be £417 a month or more and be paid directly into a bank account.

Another requirement is also that you have a debit card for this account. You must also meet the credit and affordability assessments set out by the company.

To apply for a Payday Express loan is a simple and straightforward application process. First, consider how much you need to borrow and for how long you would like to make your repayments over.

Once you have decided this and completed their online application form, their advisers will carry out a credit check, along with an affordability check. Once these checks have been carried out Payday Express advisers will contact you as soon as possible to inform you if you have been approved.

If approved you will be able to choose how long you wish to borrow the loan over, from 1 month right up to 12 months.  It is very important that you choose the right option that best suits your circumstances.

If the loan and its terms suit your situation, you are then required to complete the rest of the application process. You will be given pre-contractual information that you will need to read and agree to. As long as you are still happy with the terms of your loan then you should sign your loan agreement.

Payday Express is a responsible lender and are completely customer focused. They see every application as an individual and a unique situation and they make sure that they are confident the applicant can afford the loan and that the person applying is aware of their commitment to the loan.

Payday Express is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) so you can have peace of mind when using their service.

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