Are You Paying Off Your Credit Card Bill After Christmas?

Christmas now seems so long ago, with all the excitement and presents, but how are you getting on paying off your credit card bill after Christmas?

Paying Off Your Credit Card Bill After Christmas In Theory Or Practise?

So, you will already have received your first credit card statement in January after the Christmas period, but did you pay just the minimum payment or did you clear the balance completely?

Most will not have paid off the credit card balance completely and only able to afford the minimum payment.

There are quite a lot of people that are paying for Christmas all year and from one Christmas to the next!

This is a really crazy situation and if this is your situation, it might be time to re-think things.

paying off your credit card bill after christmas cancelled man reading newspaper
Paying Off Your Credit Card Bill After Christmas

Zero Interest Credit Card Offers

It is a good time to shop round and see what zero percent interest credit card offers are available to you, as it would be more cost effective to transfer your existing credit card balance to one of these offers.

These offers normally appear around this time of the year, so be sure to search them out and get the best deal possible.

Consolidation Loans

You could see what kind of rate you could get on a consolidation loan by going to our application page and getting a quote.

There is no obligation to accept any offers of finance, but it would give you an actual interest rate and monthly payments you could expect to pay with a new loan.

Best to go for a fixed interest rate loan, as experts believe that the Bank of England base rate will rise again this year and maybe more than once.

If you take action now on your credit card balance, then hopefully by the time this Christmas comes, you will be in a much healthier financial position.