High Loan Value Personal Loans are available on this website from approved and registered UK Loan Lenders today.

High Loan Value Personal Loans could be for a variety of high-end purchases like cars, vans, vehicles, jewellery, watches, a world cruise and the list is endless.

Looking for High Loan Value Personal Loans?

High loan value purchases such as property and land will normally use a mortgage to make the purchase and you can check out mortgages and re-mortgage rates on this page.  If you already have property, you could also get a secured home owner loan instead.

Use the links and banners on this page to click on the loan value that suits you best.

Please be sure to check the credentials of the company that you will be applying through for your loan.  We are UK approved and registered Finance Brokers and all the UK Lenders we use and advertise on this website are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

This is really important to check out before you apply, especially if you are applying for a large high loan value personal loan.

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High Loan Value Personal Loans

With high loan value personal loans, you know the cost exactly before you start your repayment period, which means the monthly payments will be a fixed amount throughout the repayment period however long or short.

Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000 with a low rate Personal Loan. When it is to fund home improvements, purchase a brand new auto or combine credit and store cards to reduce monthly repayments, high loan value personal loans could enable you to get this done. Customers in Northern Ireland can also now apply too..

Who is able to apply to get a Personal Loan?

To apply you should have the capacity to say yes to the following 3 statements:

  • I’m over 24 years of age
  • My income is over £8,000
  • I’ve a fair credit history

If you’re uncertain about your credit history, it is possible to check it out through the credit agencies on line free.

What can I borrow?

How do I apply?

You are able to apply on line now 24 hours a day for an immediate personalised estimate. The complete process is straightforward and completed on line within 2 working days.

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