Find a New Loan Lender Lowering Interest Rates.

New Loan Lender Lowering Interest Rates in the unsecured loans market. We have exciting news about a new unsecured loans direct lender and the following are some of the highlights:

When you get your new loan and keep it for 3 years or more, the interest rate drops after year 1, then again after year 2 and yet again after year 3!  How good is that?

The starting rate is only 49.7% APR which then drops to 34.5% APR in year 2 and then falls again to a competitive 29.9% APR.

New Loan Lender Lowering Interest Rates

New Loan Lender Lowering Interest Rates

You can borrow between 1,000 and 7,500 of a loan and you can repay over 12 months to 60 months.

Deal Direct with a UK Lender

With this direct UK lender being new in the market for unsecured loans, they are seeking to increase their lending and so want to try to pay out as many loans as possible, subject to their terms and conditions of course.

New Loan Lender Lowering Interest Rates

New Loan Lender Lowering Interest Rates

Another good plus point is that they accept people with a bad credit history, subject to credit check.

The loans can be paid out the same day, if they receive your application early enough and complete all of their checks.

There are no up front fees and no hidden costs to pay.

It is a fast paperless application process.

This is a Direct Lender we refer you to and not a broker.

In the unlikely event after all of the above you still manage to be turned down for a standard unsecured personal loan, they will automatically offer you a guarantor loan at exactly the same  rates and conditions.

This lender is fully registered and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for your protection and peace of mind.

It is really a win, win situation for you you when you apply and you have a very high chance of being accepted here.

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