Get Satsuma Loans Today.

Satsuma Loans start between 100 and 500 for new customers, then as they get to know you a bit better, you could borrow up to 800. You can choose to pay it back over 13 or 26 weeks.

You’ll pay back the loan in nice weekly segments. Just choose a day that’s good for you and your payment will automatically come off your debit card.

Absolutely no hidden charges or fees – you always know the full cost of your loan upfront.

satsuma loans

They ask that you confirm your repayments are manageable when you take your loan, but they understand their customers and know that your circumstances might change.

If they do it’s important that you talk to them about restructuring your payments – they are always there to help you.

Keeping on top of your repayments could help build your credit rating.

Are you looking to borrow between £100-£800? Are you able to pay back the loan within 26 weeks? Then Satsuma Loans may be the right loan provider for you.

Good Customer Service

By taking out a loan with Satsuma you can be sure you will receive a trusted service, as well as a century of expert knowledge of the loan market. When you apply with Satsuma Loans you can be sure you will be treated as an individual and be advised on the best loan to suit your circumstance.

Satsuma Loans treats their customers as a person not just a number. If you are struggling and finding it hard to keep up with the repayments Satsuma will never charge any fees on late payments.

However, Satsuma provide sensible lending to ensure they only provide an individual with a loan that they can afford for the term of the loan. They are there to help you in anyway they can.

There may be many reasons why you may need to apply for Satsuma Loans for between £100-£800. You may have an urgent bill to pay, a much needed item to buy, or something in need of repair. Whatever you need the money for Satsuma Loans could help you afford it.

The process for Satsuma loans could not be simpler. To qualify for a loan, you need to be able to supply a recognised email address and a current mobile number. Satsuma will also ask for your address information dating back 3 years, and to ensure you are a current UK resident.

You will also be asked to clarify your income and your current bills and expenses to get an idea of what you can afford. Applicants are also required to be 18 and over, but under 74 years old, and to not be in the position where they have been made bankrupt.

Lastly if your loan is agreed Satsuma Loans will need to know your bank and debit card details to pay the loan in to, and to take repayments from.

With the information you provide Satsuma it can help them make a sensible and informed decision of whether you can afford the loan and if you will be accepted.

This decision can be instant so there is no need to wait around for an answer. This is particularly great if you are in need of the money fast.

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