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Text loan lenders offer you a solution when you need that loan now, from your mobile, with no need for the hassle of getting out your laptop or computer.

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It could be to cover an unexpected bill, that holiday that you desperately need or that new piece of furniture for the house. Whatever the reason don’t delay, you could have that cash advance today.

The website is simple to navigate with no long laborious forms to fill in. We use the text service on your phone to make the loan application process as simple and as quick as possible.

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Hear from a few of our customers who got sorted with a loan through a text loans now lender.

‘It’s a week before pay day and money was pretty tight when this awful rattle started on my car. I couldn’t believe my luck. Well I need the car everyday and with my little baby on board I needed it fixed immediately. So I searched on my mobile there and then for text loans now and got approved for a loan the same day. Now I’m back on the road’ Laura, Northern Ireland.

‘I got home from work to be met at the door by a puddle of water. The washing machine was broken and the kids uniforms inside were ruined. I’d just paid out for my car insurance so had no spare cash that month. I got on my mobile and searched for cash advance now, completed the application and had the money in my account the next morning. What a relief!’ David, Norfolk.

Texting on our mobiles has become a daily activity for most of us and we’ve captured this in our loan process to help make applying for your cash advance as quick and as easy as possible.

So if you need a cash advance now simply search text loans from your mobile and you could have the money the very same day.

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