VW Emissions Scandal and Your Car Finance

The VW Emissions Scandal and Your Car Finance Agreement

VW Emissions Scandal and Your Car Finance – you are sure to have seen this in the media and it has come as a really big surprise to most people.

VW has always had a “clean” and “reliable” image and this has now been seriously dashed. It’s hard to know what the final ramifications are likely to be.

What about if you have bought a new or second hand VW car or van on finance? What is the position?

If you buy a new or used car from a dealer and experience problems with it, you have some statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

VW Emissions Scandal and Your Car Finance
VW Emissions Scandal and Your Car Finance

The Act states that the car must be “of a satisfactory quality”, “fit for purpose” and “as described”. (For a used car, “satisfactory quality” takes into account the car’s age and mileage.)

If the car you bought fails on any of these points within six months, you‘re entitled to have it repaired or replaced, or to get a partial or full refund.

In fact, you’re legally allowed to return it up to six years after you bought it.

But it gets more difficult to prove that a fault and not normal wear and tear is the cause of any problem.

However, if it is obvious that the fault has been caused by the manufacturer, it is going to prove very interesting as the the rights of the consumer in this matter.

VW have admitted that it is their doing and there problem, which may open the flood gates for all kinds of financial claims.

We have also noticed that one of the well known no win/no fee claims lawyers has stated that they are investigating the possibility of UK based consumers bringing legal action against Volkswagen (VW) and are looking into the options for those who have been affected by the latest VW investigations.

The US chief executive of Volkswagen has admitted to US regulators that Volkswagen had been dishonest with US regulators and the American public, when it deliberately circumvented the clean air rules on diesel cars.

This news has wide reaching financial implications for those people sold cars with the understanding that the cars had much lower emissions.

The company are calling for those people, both consumers and shareholders, who think they may have been affected to register their details and join the group of affected customers they have already established.

This will enable you to be kept up to date and should any legal action arise you will be the first to know.

As yet, VW have not admitted to falsifying emissions data in the EU/UK, nor have there been any regulatory findings.

Can I Claim Against Volkswagen?

The UK Government has set up its own inquiry into the car emissions testing.

The European Commission is also looking into the matter.

Future claims against Volkswagen may be possible.

We will keep an eye on it!