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We Never Charge Loan Fees For New Loans

We Never Charge Loan Fees – we cannot repeat this enough times!

The old saying goes “…if I got a pound for every time…” and you can fill in the blanks for your situation.

With us it’s “…if we got a pound for every time we were asked do you charge a loan fee, we would be very rich indeed…”.

We never charge loan fees online

We never have. We don’t. We never will.

We thought we would make a whole page about this, so as we could reinforce the fact that we do not charge a loan fee and never charge loan fees.

Some people actually email us asking for their loan fee to be refunded and threaten legal action or reporting to the Financial Conduct Authority, etc.

BUT…….we don’t charge loan fees.

We hope that this clarifies the situation, but it’s possible we might still be asked the question?

What are loan fees?

Loan fees are usually charged when you apply for a loan, whether it be for a personal loan, secured loan, mortgage or otherwise.

The fee is charged by the lender to cover costs involved in the setting up of the credit, sometimes known as admin costs.

This would entail credit checks and administration costs involved in completing the application.

The great thing, however, is we never charge loan fees so that’s an extra cost you do not even need to worry about when applying through us.

Do all lenders charge loan fees?

Fees are usually charged with the majority of lenders as standard, however, we can proudly say we never charge loan fees.

We believe that not all applications require a loan fee to be charged.

We would rather have you on board than hike up the cost of applying for credit.

We are a customer focused company so you can be sure that we would never charge loan fees when you apply with us.

What loans are available on the market that do not charge loan fees?

We are not sure of anyone else, but we know for sure that we never charge a loan fee with any of the loans we offer.

All loans that you apply for through us will be transparent and all the costs involved when borrowing so there will be no surprises later on.

We appreciate that people are trying to borrow for as cheap as they can and so any unnecessary fees should not be charged.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we never charge fees.

Where do I go to have access to the best loans on the market?

Here at Quick and Friendly Loans we can help you to find the best loan to suit your individual circumstances.

It could be for a secure loan, payday credit loan, car finance and the list is endless.

So why go anywhere else for your new loan?

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