About Quick and Friendly Loans & Brian Hillier:

Brian Hillier is the Director of Quick & Friendly Loans Limited and has worked in the Finance Sector since the year 2000.

Always trying to find ways for people of all credit backgrounds to get the finance they need.

At Quick and Friendly Loans we know how stressful the experience of being strapped for cash can be.

Our aim is to take the strain out of the application process and to ensure that you get the funds you need, when you need them.

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About Quick and Friendly Loans

We use only registered and reputable online loan Lenders

We have a great variety of loan lenders to choose from.

All of the Loan Lenders we use are registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are also approved and register Brokers.

Apply for a loan in minutes

When you go to our application form and complete it with all your details, when this is submitted on line, a full search is carried out on the panel of lenders and you are hopefully matched to a suitable provider.

All Credit Ratings Considered

Lenders consider all applications fully and fairly, whatever the credit history of the applicant.

By all means apply on line to see if you can be approved in minutes and if you are approved, study the terms of the new loan offer before accepting the loan.

About Quick and Friendly Loans New Logo
About Quick and Friendly Loans

Quick and Friendly Loans is here to help with your short term money problems

So, you could go to your bank or building society for a loan to help with your situation.

Unfortunately though, due to the current economic climate, they are becoming more and more reluctant to lend – particularly if your credit history is less than perfect.

Not only that, it can take weeks or even months for these loans to complete and for you to receive your cash.

When you need the cash quickly, then banks and building societies will not be an option.

Small fast cash loans are an excellent short term fix to those short term money problems and they are available to apply for on this website.

So why not complete our online application form today and see how we can help!

The following are our contact details if you wish to get in touch about any matter:

email : info@quickandfriendlyloans.com

Quick & Friendly Loans Limited

3rd Floor

207 Regent Street