Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Internet “cookies” are extremely common. They are stored on everyone’s computer and do not harm your system at all.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your browser as you surf the internet web.

Contrary to a common belief, cookies do not contain software programs, so cannot install anything on a computer.

Cookies generally do not contain any information that would identify a person. Usually they contain a string of text or “unique identifier”. This acts like a label. When a website sees the string of text it set in a cookie, it knows the browser is one it has seen before.

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If you use a different computer, open a new web browser or delete your cookies, the website will treat you as if you have arrived for the first time (and a new cookie will be set).

You can find out more about cookies by visiting

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to provide an enhanced experience for our customers and to provide our service to you. This personally identifiable information is only used by us and is not shared with third parties. Cookies allow us to remember your preferences and personalise our website.

Cookies also help us understand what customers like to look at on our site. This information does not allow us to identify any particular customer, but helps us to understand our customers’ needs and improve our service to you.

The table below shows all of the cookies that might be set by us when you visit our site and why we use them.

Cookie NamePurpose
hf_api_csrfA CSRF Token is a secret, unique and unpredictable value a server-side application generates in order to protect CSRF vulnerable resources.
The tokens are generated and submitted by the server-side application in a subsequent HTTP request made by the client.
After the request is made, the server-side application compares the two tokens found in the user session and in the request. If the token is missing or does not match the value within the user session, the request is rejected, the user session terminated, and the event logged as a potential CSRF attack.
ci_sessionThese cookies are used to maintain your user session. If you disallow this cookie, it may cause the application to fail.
appWhen you make a loan application a unique value is assigned to the application. This value helps us to know where in the application process you are. Disallowing it WILL cause the application to fail.
dispatched, percentComplete, pollCount, asyncStageThese cookies are set when an application is being processed. Their purpose is to enable us to display relevant information to you about your application.
applicationStepThis displays relevant questions in the application form.

In addition to our cookies other third-party cookies may be set for analytics purposes.

All data collected by these third parties is anonymous and will never contain your name, address, telephone number, email address or payment details.

We will never disclose your personal details to third parties without your specific permission.

Cookie NamePurpose
_ga, _gid, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmzThese cookies enable the function of Google Analytics. This software helps us analyse visitor information such as browser usage, new visitor numbers, response to marketing activity. That information helps us to improve the website.
_gat_gtag_UA_<unique id>Used to throttle request rate to Google Analytics.
_GRECAPTCHAreCAPTCHA sets a necessary cookie when executed for the purpose of providing its risk analysis. If the system thinks you might be a bot you will be presented with a puzzle to solve before you can continue.
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