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Financial News reporting anything new that may be of interest to the personal borrower. Keep checking back for the latest news.

Everyday Loans Review

Everyday Loans Review – Everyday Loans is a UK-based direct lender offering unsecured loans up to £15,000 over 60 months without hard credit checks and hidden fees. To apply online for a loan, you will be required to submit various personal data online. This includes your full name, date of birth and national insurance number …

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Loans For School Uniforms

2 girls and 2 boys standing in school playground loans for school uniforms

It’s that time of the year again when you need to get new school uniforms sorted again. It hardly seems a year ago since we were going through this process, but here we are again! We all remember when we were school age, the dread that filled us when it came to the end of …

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Short Term Financing

short term financing

We have discovered a new lender for providing Short Term Financing called Short Term Finance (funny enough!) Short Term Financing With Bad Credit The advantage with this company is that you can apply and get approved, even if you have bad credit. Their lending model is based on the door to door cash lending service, …

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Claims Management Companies

claims management companies

Claims Management Companies have been around for a while now and some people might view them as “ambulance chasers”. Their tag line is normally: No Win, No Fee I suppose that is where the idea started out years ago with legal companies set up to specialise in health claims where there was some suspected form …

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Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs

buy now pay later catalogs get a quote

I remember when I was young, that there was great excitment at home when the latest shopping catalog landed on our doorstep! What a treat to be able to flick through the pages to see what all was available and start making a list of the “I wants”. It was particularly welcome when the Christmas …

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Personal Loan Credit News

personal loan credit news collection of newspapers

We have just started this new section called Personal Loan Credit News, so as we can bring to you any interesting news stories from not only the United Kingdom, but from anywhere around the world that we think may be an interesting product or development. It is a fast changing world and sometimes it is …

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