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Secured Loans Poor Credit

Secured Loans Poor Credit scores – even people with relatively good credit can get turned down by banks and financial institutions. This applies to secured and unsecured loans.

There are many grounds on which a lender can turn down your application. It is possible that you don’t meet the credit requirement. The security or collateral you offer may not be sufficient either.

Your income may be lower than what they would be willing to entertain. From financial liabilities at the moment to the exact purpose of the loan and the documentation provided, anything and everything can affect your chances.

Should you get turned down for secured loans poor credit, what should be your subsequent steps?

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It is quite possible that a majority of lenders of secured loans with poor credit will not approve your application and in such cases, you may have to look for alternatives. Unfortunately, when you need a substantial loan amount and you are running out of options, you have to look inward and take some steps to stem the tide against you.

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Here is what you can do when you get consistently rejected for secured loans due to poor credit. You must try and improve your credit score. There are many ways to do so. In most cases, people with poor credit shy away from loans or debts. They wonder if their loans or any new debt will further worsen their credit score. The truth is that your debts don’t affect your credit score adversely.

It is the non-payment or failure to repay the debts and to settle them that bring down your credit score. Hence, the trick is to have loans or debts, but to keep paying them on time and then eventually to pay them off on time. Only that and nothing else can salvage your credit score.

The longer you delay taking on a loan and the more you fail to repay a loan, the worse your credit history will be.

Reduce Your Borrowing

There is another strategy you can employ. You can improve your profile. You could make a higher down payment that will reduce the loan to value ratio and that will work in your favour. You could ask for a lower loan amount. You could increase your income or reduce your present financial liabilities.

All these factors will make more room for you to repay the secured loans poor credit you are vying for.

We have loan lenders for Secured Loan Poor Credit – our lenders offer a wide range of secured loans products that are suitable for many loan purposes.

The most popular reason for needing a Secured Loan when you have some Poor Credit is for either home improvements (for a conservatory or extension) or for consolidation (to reduce monthly outgoings on a number of existing loans or credit cards).

We also receive and accept applications for car loans, wedding loans, holidays and more.

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A secured loan is very similar to a mortgage as your home is used as security and the good thing is that your existing mortgage is not affected in any way. This type of lending can offer low rates that can sometimes be comparable to some mortgage rates.

Homeowner Loans Poor Credit are generally more straight forward and fast and are completed a lot quicker than mortgages.

The quickest completion of a secured loan we have seen, from start to finish, application to payout is 10 days, but on average it takes about 3 weeks to get everything needed sorted. This is still pretty quick to get everything put in place properly and legally.

Secured loans are available even if you have previous bad credit, although the rates may be more expensive.

We also work with lenders that lend in Northern Ireland as well as England, Wales and Scotland, so we have full UK coverage and also to the self employed, who traditionally struggle to get bank loans.

Affordability will be a factor that will be taken into account when you get your Secured Loan Poor Credit quote, but to help with this the loan term will be discussed and can range from 1 year to 30 years, depending on the total interest you will be looking to pay back and also your age.

If you talk to your bank or consult with a traditional financial institution, then you may be disheartened to know that they would not offer secured loans for poor credit. Fortunately, there are options and you can get secured loans for poor credit.

We can connect you with various lenders that do not have very steep requisites pertaining to the credit score. However, there are other factors that would still be at play.

Since you don’t have an excellent credit history, the lenders of secured loans for poor credit would be more stringent with the other decisive factors. As a borrower, you must satiate the requisites of the lender and if you don’t then you must take a few steps that can turn the decision in your favour.

Secured Loans for Poor Credit Rating Solutions

Here is what you may want to do should you have a situation where lenders of secured loans for poor credit turn down your application.

The first thing you should consider is reviewing your profile. It is possible that you have made claims that are not validated and thus your application has been turned down. Not disclosing essential information, falsifying any important detail and not attending to all the needs of the application process would always get you rejected. You should not indulge in any such practice.

The second thing you should do is review the loan amount. It is quite possible that your income and your existing financial liabilities don’t leave enough room or spare money for you to comfortably keep paying the installments.

Lenders Will Check Your Income

Since the security offered will take care of the value or the loan amount, the concern would be your ability to repay.

It could be so that your income is insufficient to support the repayment. Your income could be enough but your existing debts or liabilities may be more than what they should be.

Since your credit history is poor which is indicative of poor management of finances in the past, the lender would not want to risk its investment when there is clear evidence that your present situation would not make repayment easier or even convenient.

The third thing you may want to do is make a higher down payment. In most secured loans for poor credit score, you have to make a down payment and that determines the loan amount.

When you increase your down payment, you are reducing the risk of the lender and the lender also gets to see how much spare cash you are willing to stake.

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