Write Off Your Negative Equity Legally

write off your negative equity legally car written off

The second option is finding out about being able to write off your negative equity legally for a fraction of the total amount.

Option 2 – Write Off Your Negative Equity Legally

So you now realise that you are in property negative equity and that you need to do something right about it.

Again, it really depends on your own personal circumstances and you can contact us to discuss this, but there are now standard legal methods to tackle this once and for all.

Want To Find Out How To Write Off Your Negative Equity Legally?

You might be up to date with your mortgage payments or you might be in arrears to your mortgage company or bank.

Either way, you still need to bite the bullet and sort this matter out, as it will not go away on its own.

You Talk to Your Lender

You could contact your Lender and try to negotiate with them, but you might find that they will not be helpful and not agree to anything other than getting the full amount of the mortgage amount no matter what.

This where we come in!

We Talk to Your Lender

This will make a huge difference.

We have negotiated with all the main mortgage companies and banks and know what to say and what we can legally get for you.

We have got Lenders to accept only 2% of the negative equity outstanding, writing off 98% of the total!

How Does Equity Write Off Work?

You pass the problem over to us and we deal directly with your Lender to get the very best deal possible for you.

It will mean selling your home to find out the shortfall and then making the agreed reduced payment for the negative equity, either by a lump sum or monthly payments and you can then walk away and start over again.

This process will not adversely affect your credit rating either, providing you have kept up your mortgage payments.

You need to start the ball rolling to Write Off Your Negative Equity Legally and there is no better time than today to send us an email.

Perhaps it is not just your home in negative equity, but you have some buy to let properties in negative equity too?

This can be an additional headache to bear and with the new HMRC tax rules changing for rented property, it might be the right time to get rid of this millstone around your neck now.

Have a look at Option 3 – Negative Equity Rental Property.

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