Car Finance 247

Car Finance 247 is one of the leading online car lenders in the UK, providing flexible financing solutions and unparalleled customer service.

Customer Service

Car finance 247 UK offers customers several services to assist with purchasing the vehicle they require, including loan approval and car search tools. Furthermore, they provide exceptional customer support via phone call-backs, live chat sessions and email.

They have assembled a staff of 500 industry professionals at their Manchester HQ. Additionally, their staff is supported by a panel of lenders and an expansive network of over 4,000 community-rated dealers.

autodosh finance a car entirely online

CarFinance 247 was established by brothers Reg and Louis Hix in order to offer clients superior service. Working with applicants of all ages and backgrounds – even those who have faced financial difficulty before – this company prides itself on offering top-of-the-line financing solutions.

Their mission is to offer customers a service that demystifies car financing, while making the process as seamless and painless as possible. To do this, they have implemented self-serve functionality which enables automated processes while also maintaining open channels between dealers/lenders/users and themselves.


Car financing is an increasingly popular method for buyers to obtain new vehicles. Every year in the UK alone, around two million new cars are purchased using PCP or lease finance to pay for them.

Consumers do complain of mis-selling of car finance, prompting the Financial Conduct Authority to look further into this industry in recent years. One such complaint against Car Finance 247 included their sending 65,000 text messages without permission and overly aggressive marketing efforts against those who opted-out of receiving these texts.

According to the Information Commissioner Office (ICO), this marketing campaign violated law, leading to an illegal marketing effort that violated legislation. As such, they will now pay a £30,000 fine for engaging in misleading tactics.

Car Finance 247 is a leading online car finance broker dedicated to finding customers their ideal financing solutions from across the industry. They partner with loan providers who understand that not everyone has perfect credit histories and take into consideration several factors when reviewing applicants’ applications.

Cars For Sale

Car Finance 247 UK provides an impressive selection of pre-owned vehicles for sale, from luxury cars and family hatchbacks to sports sedans and sleek sports sedans. Their cutting-edge search technology enables users to filter down their selection by price range, miles driven, transmission type, trim type, drivetrain type, color options available and deal ratings, plus their unique vehicle inspection report feature that provides expert opinions before you make a purchase decision!

This site provides many other perks to help save you time, money and annoyance during the car buying experience. One such perk is their Best Price program which lets you compare certified dealer inventory without ever leaving home. Furthermore, their customer service is second to none with knowledgeable car financing specialists dedicated to finding loans tailored specifically to each buyer’s needs and budget.


Car finance is one of the most common ways for people to purchase vehicles, so it is crucial that you understand its operation to make informed decisions and select the most suitable plan.

Car Finance 247 UK provides consumers with access to dealerships and lenders who offer car financing solutions tailored to your unique needs and priorities. They offer tailored quotes tailored specifically for you!

They offer a comprehensive selection of loan types and options tailored specifically for different situations, and have garnered rave customer reviews that attest to their excellence.

Their team of advisors are always available to answer your queries and assist in the application process, keeping you up-to-date on its status as well as offering an overview of payments.

Additionally to providing personal advisors, Car Finance 247 offer a car calculator to assist customers in choosing which form of financing best meets their needs. With their vast network of lenders they provide car loans like PCP and HPC.

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