Loan Sharks Are Circling To Lend To Anyone In Need

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Loan Sharks for loans is not a good idea!

Times are tough for a lot of people and getting just a small bit of credit would really help. Credit and loans can be difficult to get your hands on, due to recent circumstances.

Payday Loans have been a fairly good alternative, but problems arise when you are unable to repay the loan in full on your next payday. If this happens, you will have to pay extra interest and fees, which is not funny at all.

So, when a loan shark is needed asap, just think again of other possible options.

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Loan Shark Loan’s Alternatives

So, what is the alternative to loan shark loans online or indeed payday loans?

Well, it seems the industry is going back to the traditional type of monthly installment or repayment loans.

Personal Installment Loans can be obtained for loan amounts from 100 upwards and spread over a few months as well, with no penalties. Some of our approved Lenders also accept people with some bad credit in their credit history, so why not apply online to see if you qualify?

Loan Sharks will always be around, but you would be better applying from registered companies approved by the Financial Conduct Authority instead of going to a loan shark. Think long and hard before choosing where to get your new loan. If you’re seeking ways to locate loans sharks online, then you’ll definitely need to read this informative article.

In a recession, it is occasionally difficult to make ends meet and some may want to seek desperate measures. The pinch is being felt by everyone, from the jobless single mums to the white collar workers in their high rise offices.

Look At All Your Loan Options

So, it is essential that you just look at all options that are potential before considering going to seek out a private loan shark in the UK. In the first case, you must concentrate on cutting all costs and expenses, and don’t rely on extravagances, for example high-priced vacations, autos, gifts or going out.

Living a more frugal life does not mean that you have to go without these extravagances forever. All these are short term changes in order that you don’t have to resort to the clutches of a loan shark.

If you feel that you are short of cash, then break down a strategy for each month, week and each day and you will need to rethink your budget planning. This is so that you know exactly what you are able to spend each day without needing to look for additional cash that you really do not have.

You might have got to the point where you have exhausted all possibilities, but are finding it hard to borrow cash.

Friends are family are the apparent choices to look at for borrowing a fast cash loan. However, you have to be careful, as you do not want to endanger your connections in your social group.

Another chance is banks and finance companies that may offer loans at interest rates that are quite enticing, but, you might find that a full credit check is required by nearly all of these kind of lenders before you are able to open an account with them.

So your options may be severely restricted particularly for those who have a poor credit score.

Whilst you may be tempted to get financing from a loan shark near me, notably if recommended by a buddy, it is not highly advisable. They are also called mashonisa in South Africa.

There are lots of risks when using a loan shark. Here are only a few:

  • Many loan sharks use actual assault, threats, and violence if loan repayments are missed.
  • There is often no record of payments made.
  • Many will seize goods, furniture and cash cards as security in place of cash.
  • High charges for missed payments, which can total up to at least twice the initial amount.
  • Loan sharks are commonly participated in countless other acts of crime, such as drugs, prostitution, counterfeit goods – which in many cases are financed by illegal money lending.

All companies advertised are all registered and approved.

People are searching the internet to try to find Loan Sharks UK online in desperation to get the cash they need.

A number of Payday Loan Lenders are now out of business since the Financial Conduct Authority brought in the new financial regulations, which means there are less lenders around to lend money.

Clicking on the links will take you to the loan application page and if you apply on this website, we will try different loan companies that should help you get the loan you need. All of the lenders we advertise on this website are registered by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be comfortable about applying online.

Please be very careful if you are thinking of searching out loan shark loans online, as they will not be Financial Conduct Authority registered lenders or brokers.

Unregistered loan sharks UK can charge basically whatever they wish in interest and in fees. We dread to think what a loan shark would charge extra if you did not keep up the weekly or monthly payments and defaulted on the loan.

Safer loan options

You would be much safer applying using the link above and getting the protection of the Financial Conduct Authority throughout not just the application process, but through the term of repaying the loan as well.

Find alternative lenders for shark loans and cash loan shark now here today.

Not only will Sharks charge you extremely high interest charges, but remember they are illegal as well.

Why not apply using this website and get an immediate decision as to whether you qualify for a loan. We have lenders that will look at all types of circumstances and credit backgrounds and they will try to help, subject to status.

Need a Loan Shark Loan?

Be careful! Money Sharks are notorious for basically charging you whatever they want to charge you in interest and fees.

Credit Sharks are not regulated and you should not touch them with a barge pole! You have been warned.

We know that sometimes things can get a bit desperate for cash to sort out a certain problem and if you apply online and get turned down, it starts to leave you short of options.

Some people do consider going to a loan shark as a last resort, but there should always be other loan and credit alternatives available to you.

If your problem is bad credit or debt related, there are companies that can help reduce the debt to manageable amounts and can get most of the debt written off. They can also get the loan companies to freeze their interest charges, which means the debt is not getting progressively bigger each day.

If it is a loan you need, you might consider going to door to door lenders instead. These companies call at your house to fill in the paperwork and once approved, they will deliver the cash to your door. They will also call with you weekly to collect your loan repayments too.

If you have been turned down for a loan recently, you should still have credit options available to you.

If you need money in minutes between 100 and 2000, then a payday loan should be suitable. Repayment periods can be over a few months instead of just 1 month and the lenders will accept some poor credit history or a low credit score with payday bad credit.

Door to door loans are handy, as they not only deliver the loan cash to your door, but they also collect the weekly repayments at your door too. Once you build up a good relationship with them, they will give you further advances and for higher amounts too.

There are unsecured personal loan lenders that will lend you up to 25000 in loan credit, even with some adverse credit. Unsecured personal loans lenders links can be found on this page too.

Do not forget about credit cards as well, as there are a number of specialist lenders that could help you too. You can use your credit card to purchase things you need and some will allow you to take a cash advance on the credit card too.

Guarantor loans are another alternative to loan sharks loans, providing you have a suitable guarantor. Interest rates are quite competitive and your guarantor does not have to be a home owner. The credit check is based on your guarantor and not on you. Loan credit amounts can be from 500 to 7500 in value.

If you are looking to buy a car or other vehicle, then there are specific lenders for car loan finance as well.

You might be considering trying to find a Loan Shark, because your financial situation might be in desperate need of help and you are prepared to go to any length to sort it.

So much so you are considering how to find a shark lender to get out of your debt. We say don’t do it!

Do you really want to find a loan shark?

Finding a money shark is not the answer. Instead you need to look at finding a more reliable and safer option by taking out a loan with a registered, regulated and reputable loan lender.

You may want to find a loan shark because you have bad debt, are on benefits or on a low income and you think you wont be accepted by an official money lender.

Well no matter what your situation, our lenders will work hard to get the money you desperately need.

We hope you are still not considering how to find an illegal money lender in the UK, but if you are please learn from someone else’s real experience of using a shark’s loans.

What Are Loan Sharks? A Customer’s Bad Experience

Sarah had an extremely distressing experience with a loan shark. She was in a very grim financial situation and desperately needed money.

Unfortunately, she also had extremely bad credit and could not get accepted anywhere. Sarah was so desperate she went to a money shark for the cash.

The shark harassed Sarah on a weekly basis and demanded a ridiculous about of money from her. The harassment from the lender drove her into deep depression.

Sarah’s experience is not unique. People who go to loan sharks loans for help regret it as soon as they receive the money and the illegal lender turns nasty.

We hope stories like this does deter you from looking to find a loan shark. No matter what your situation is, low income, poor credit rating or on benefits there is regulated lenders that can help you.

Unlike cash sharks, our lenders are well certified, provide safe borrowing and provide a realistic and approachable attitude to lending. Forget about looking for sharks and click on the links on this page to be taken to trusted lenders.

Are you looking for loan sharks to get yourself out of a financial problem? We say don’t do it!

Loan sharks are so called lenders who charge ridiculously high-interest rates. They target those that are in desperate need of cash that are willing to agree any terms to get their hands on the money they need.

Sharks may seem lovely and helpful, to begin with, but soon after lending the money they can turn very nasty. Loan sharks will lead you into even more financial debt and huge personal problems.

So if are you looking for money sharks to get yourself out of a financial problem we say don’t do it! There are other more sensible options to get the cash you need.

Payday Loans Instead of Loan Sharks

Although there has been a lot written about payday loans in the press, they are still a popular and ideal option for someone who needs cash fast.

Payday loans also help those that may have a bad credit rating and can’t get accepted anywhere else. By looking at payday loans as a short term financial choice they can be a great option if you are in dire need for cash now.

By law the lender must detail all information, fees and charges upfront before you accept their terms. This means there will be no nasty surprises after you have received the money from a payday lender.

Looking for loan sharks? Instead look for the best payday loan deals on the market.

So if you are looking for credit sharks to get yourself out of a financial problem don’t – payday loans is a better option to get the cash you need. There are many disadvantages for going with a loan shark, but many advantages to apply with a payday lender.

Most companies have a very simple application process and it is highly likely you will qualify, even if you have bad credit. The process is very straightforward and you will be able to apply and receive the money in as little as minutes with some lenders.

Payday lenders only offer what you can afford depending on your income and so they provide sensible lending.

Due to all the controversy in the past with payday loans, there are now a lot of laws and restrictions on the lender and so you can be sure you are borrowing in confidence.

The money borrowed can be used for anything with no restrictions so you can use the loan for one thing or a combination. There is usually a cap on interest rates and so you know upfront how much you will be charged with no surprises later.

So if you are looking for sharks to get yourself out of a financial problem we say payday loans is a better option to get the cash you want. Just click on the banners on this page to be taken to approved payday lenders on the market.

Avoid Shark Loans Like the Plague!

The following is an interesting article on Shark Loans published in the Mirror Newspaper that is worth reading if you are tempted in taking out a loan with a loan shark:

“After £20 loan became £7,000, illegal shark loans drove me to point of suicide

A father of six has spoken out amid warnings that hard up families are handing over £700m a year to unregulated money lenders.

A desperate dad now driven to brink of suicide by loan sharks, shows the depths of his nightmare. After taking out a “one off” £20 loan from them, he was sucked into borrowing as much as £7,000 as his debts spiralled out of control.

The loan sharks threatened to break his windows and banged on his door in the middle of the night time. The jobless ex-RAF serviceman, 42, says the callous criminals consistently turned up with other thugs in their own car at his house. The threats mounted and, unable to see a way out from taking his own life, he sat down and lined up a row of pills.

He explained: “One morning I woke up and really thought I can’t do this any more. The continuous hounding only breaks you down.” However, at the last minute he stepped back from the brink and plucked up the nerve to call the Illegal Money Lending Team – a government-funded squad fighting loan sharks.

He says falling to the shark loans trick was not difficult. “We’d gone from a great to a low income and had no savings, so a friend gave me a man’s card and suggested I call him for a little loan.”

After borrowing £20 he was paying £150 back a week later, then started to borrow £100 a time and with 50 per cent interest. The loans increased from £200 every number of weeks for around two-and-a-half years.

He says: “It’s a vicious circle, in the case you borrow £100 and from the time your interest charge comes round, you are having to pay £150 then you have no cash left, which means you borrow again.

“It got to the stage where I must have borrowed up to £7,000 and they’d have had a lot more than that back, at least half again.”

“Threats of violence began. Collectors came round with big guys who you wouldn’t desire to mess with in the rear of the car, to intimidate me into paying,” he says.

“One of the things that was said to me was, ‘I haven’t used these hands for a long time but I ‘ll use them on you’. They threatened to send people to smash windows.

“Even within two or three months of the first loan there were risks if you could not pay.” He borrowed from family members up to £2,000 to keep them at bay.

He says: “My state of mind was horrific. My wife was getting worse and you might have the pressure of not working and not having any food. I could not take it any more.”

But as he prepared to kill himself, he could barely quit thinking of his family. “It wouldn’t have been fair to leave them,” he says.

His call to the Illegal Cash Lending Team led to the sharks detained and being investigated. He says: “If I hadn’t contacted them I wouldn’t be here.”

The sufferer, who earned £32,000 in a year before losing his job, described one of the sharks as really friendly initially, but ended up nicknaming him Dr Jekyll because he could turn awful so fast.

He explained: “At first he acted like he desired to help. He made friends. “But these people are leeches, the are just out to cause misery and destroy folks for their very own gain.”

He urged anyone who felt they were going through exactly the same ordeal to make contact with the Illegal Money Lending Team.

Since it was established seven years back, more than 300 loan sharks have been prosecuted by it. Specialists believe there are 310,000 casualties of this illegal activity across the country.

Tony Quigley, head of the Birmingham-based squad said “It actually is hideous what loan sharks can perform to a community”.

“We believe we’ve discontinued 25 suicides, but individuals are generally scared to come forward due to the intimidation.”

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