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Get Guarantor Loans UK, even if your guarantor is a non home owner, but has good credit.

Have a read on to find out about getting a guaranteed acceptance loan online.

What Makes Guarantor Loans UK Different?

Guarantor Loans are direct lenders, not brokers, so you don’t pay any fees. You can borrow up to £10,000 as long as you can both afford the repayments and have a relative/friend to act as a guarantor.

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Your Guarantor can be a home owner OR tenant. Guarantor loans have:

  • No Broker or Arrangement Fees
  • Easy, Online Application Process
  • Each Case Personally Reviewed
  • Fast, Fair Decisions
  • Borrow £1,000-£10,000 over 13 to 60 months
  • Friendly UK-based company

3 Steps to Get Your Guarantor Loan

Step 1 – click on the banners and apply online

Step 2 – The Lender will contact you and your guarantor by phone within 1 hour

Step 3 – Sign the documents online and once approved, the money is transferred into your account

How Guarantor Loans Work

First you need to decide how much you would like to borrow over how long, then:

Fill in your personal details – the lender need these to check you are who you say you are

Fill in your financial details – the lender need to know whether you can afford the repayments

Decide who you want to be your guarantor and validate your details – the lender will then send them an email for them to start sharing their details.

The lender will then decide whether they will lend you the money.

This takes minutes, and if you both pass they can transfer funds normally within 48 hours.

Please check before applying you are eligible:

  • UK bank account
  • Valid UK debit card
  • Free of Bankruptcy or IVA claims
  • UK resident (excludes Isle of Man and Channel Islands)
  • Regular income
  • The monthly repayments are affordable
  • You have a ready and willing Guarantor
  • You can only be a borrower or a guarantor on one Guarantor Loans Direct Lenders
  • Guarantor Loans are much cheaper than payday loans.

Not everyone has a perfect credit history or credit score. This could be for many legitimate reasons, a lot of which might be due to the recent credit crunch which has affected a lot of people. Guarantor Loans work by the applicant supplying the details of some-one who is willing to act as a back-up and pay the debt if it all goes wrong which reduces the risk for the lender.

This applies also to Tenant Guarantor Loans. Some lenders ask for a home-owner as a guarantor, but some let you use anyone with a reasonable credit history. This includes non home owner guarantors. The need for guarantor loans online is rapidly increasing, with a rising number of individuals unable to access mainstream credit.

This means there are even more Guarantor Loans lenders that are available from a wide range of companies for Bad Credit Guarantor Loans. If you need to borrow money quickly – perhaps you want to take advantage of a great deal or buy your dream car, etc. – there are same day guarantor loans on the market willing to lend.

These companies promise to have the money in your account within hours of applying. If you apply using the lender links on this page, they will try their best to get you a guarantor loan and to get you accepted with the best approved Guarantor Loans Lender at the best rate, subject to all their terms and conditions.

Get Guarantor Loans UK Here by using the links to the direct guarantor lenders for Guarantor Loans Available Today.

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