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What kind of money shop loans are available? There are many types of loans available on the market for consumers to choose from that will best meet a persons needs.

These loans can be available on both a secured and unsecured basis. With an unsecured loan it can be in the form of a personal loan or a payday type loan.

Borrowers can also have access to car loans, home improvement loans and debt consolidation loans, to name a few money types.

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What Money Shop Loans are personal loans?

Personal loans are typically on an unsecured basis. With a personal loan you will be able to use the money for whatever you deem important.

This is not the same as say that of a car loan that is specifically for the purchase of a vehicle.

A personal loan offers money to its user at an agreed amount with the lender. The amount paid back is clearly illustrated and shows how much it will cost the customer per month and what interest is charged for the term of the loan.

What money type is a debt consolidation loan?

As the name suggests, this type of loan enables the borrower to consolidate their debts. By consolidating debts, it can make it possible for the individual to make just one very manageable payment per month and help to organise debts better.

With this type of loan, it may also be possible to get a better rate than what they are paying already and so make it cheaper and quicker to pay off the money owed.

Personal loans and payday loans, what is the difference between these money types of loans?

Both types of loans are unsecured, however, depending on your credit rating one may be more suitable than the other to apply for.

If you have a good credit rating or if you require a large amount of money a personal loan may be your best choice. If you require a small loan for a short period of time or if you have a poor credit rating a payday loan may be better.

What factors affect the ability to be accepted for any money types of loans?

There are many things that will affect an applicants chance of being accepted for a loan. Your credit rating is the most important factor when a lender looks at your application and whether to accept you for the loan. You must also meet all the lenders criteria to be accepted.

This could be that applicants are 18 years and older, that you have a permanent address, minimum earnings and that you have a bank account. If you have a poor credit rating your options may be limited, however, there may still be lenders on the market that can help.

Why not get a personalised loan quotation now using our loans application forms today. Go to the Menu at the top of this page and select either payday loans or personal loans, depending on your requirements for the money shop loans.

You will be taken to the loan application form which you can submit online after completion and get a loan decision in minutes.

You can still of course use the money loans shop to get a new loan, if you have one near you. There are still retail outlets in the high street or just off the main streets, that are willing to give you the cash there and then.

Just double check the rates in any of the money shop loans outlets you are thinking of using, as the interest rates and charges using companies online might well be cheaper.

Although you can get the cash the same day transferred into your account if you apply online before the 12 noon cut-off time, the money shops advances will be cash into your hand, right there and then!

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