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Short Term Loans Easy Repayment

Short Term Loans Easy Repayment – there are no standard rules for the entire lending industry.

In fact, one cannot really consider the lending industry to be uniform or homogenous.

There is a regulated industry which includes the banks and other financing corporations.

There is an unregulated industry that comprises of private lenders, commercial mortgages and title loan providers.

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The saying goes that there are “horses for courses” which means different people are suited to different things and of course, difference loan lenders are suited to different loan types as well.

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Both the regulated and unregulated industries offer secured and unsecured loans.

The unregulated industry is welcoming of bad credit applications.

The regulated industry is much more rigid.

There are long term loans and short term loans.

Regardless of the type of loan you opt for, you would want easy repayment.

No one wants to get into trouble with a loan which is itself a remedy for an existing trouble.

But, there are loans that people opt for which become a debt over time.

For you to avoid this, you should look for short term loans with easy repayment.

There lies a paradox that you must deal with.

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When you opt for short term loans, you are not getting any benefit with the rate of interest.

The rates of interest applicable for a five year loan and a six month loan would be similar with a lender, whether they are regulated or unregulated.

The loan amount or the term does not dictate the rate of interest.

The rates of interest are pretty uniform for the type of loan, which could be personal, business, to purchase a car or to fund higher education.

When you have the same loan amount at the same rate of interest, a shorter term will lead to higher installments and a longer term will lead to lower installments.

Now, how do you manage this or counter this.

You may want short term loans easy repayment so you can be done with the loan in no time and you would be free of debt.

But if the installments are steeper then you may struggle to repay.

The only thing that can get you short term loans with easy repayment is if you get a lender offering a reasonable rate of interest.

You cannot reduce the loan amount to reduce the burden as that may not meet your pressing financial need.

You cannot stretch the repayment period if that does not suit you or if the lender does not allow.

You must look for a cheaper rate of interest to have short term loans with easy repayment.

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The Common Clauses Of Short Term Loan Repayment – loans are either secured or unsecured.

They may be traditional as the ones offered by banks or unconventional as the ones offered by pay day lenders.

The type of loan you need or the one you can get will depend on numerous factors.

The type of loan will also decide the terms of repayment.

Large loans usually have a long repayment term. A mortgage can run for fifteen or twenty years to thirty years.

A car loan would typically be of five years. Student loans and business loans are also repaid over several years.


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Unsecured loans usually come with short term loan repayment.

But not all unsecured or unconventional loans will have the same short term loan clauses.

Here are the common clauses of short term loans.

You will be required to pay back the entire loan with interest in a span of a month to eighteen months.

Any term between a month and eighteen months would be regarded as short term.

Any term longer than eighteen months does not qualify as short.

In most cases, short term loans have a period of six months or a year to repay the entire loan amount with interest.

A common clause of short term loan finance repayment is the fine or penalty levied should you miss a payment.

With long term loans, there are penalties, but the leeway or the grace period is substantial.

You will get some room to make payments that you may have missed on their due dates.

With most short term loans, such windows are nonexistent or negligible.

Also, the quantum of the penalty or fine is usually quite substantial, although there are now caps on how much lenders can charge.

You cannot make short term loan repayment in its entirety before the term is up.

You have to make periodic payments as and when they are due and you cannot expect to pay early and get some discount on the interest due.

Check the short term loans repayment APR before accepting the offer

Some short term loan companies will accept paying the loan with interest early but they generally don’t give you any rewards.

Short term loan monthly repayment, like long term loans, will almost always work on direct debit or continuous card authorisation if you have agreed to such an arrangement.

It is unlikely that you can call off a certain scheduled transaction with short term loan repayment.

If a certain amount has to be deducted on a certain date, you cannot stop it or undo it.

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